10 tips to increase your email subscribers

10 tips to increase your email subscribersIf you want to keep a record of your loyal reader then start building an email list of them. The more people you are having in your email list, the more readers you are going to get and finally more shares and likes for your content or product.

Emails are permanent source of traffic as they are the most read thing on internet even more than social media websites. So having an email list is crucial for every online business and marketer.

Ways to improve your email marketing campaign:

You have sign up for some email service provider and setup an opt-in form on your website. Everything is done and you are waiting for the people to subscribe but your daily subscription are limited to 1 or 2. If this is the case then everything is not done properly.

Like many other people on internet who are doing email marketing but results are zero, here are some quick ways to increase your email subscribers.

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1. Email subscription box on your Home page

Most people are going to see your home page after finding your website through search results and if you are intelligent enough then you can place a simple subscription box at the top with some call to action.
10 tips to increase your email subscribers

2. Have one in your sidebar

If you don’t want to add one on your home page then here is an option for you. Add a simple subscription box in the side bar as you can see in this blog. This will help you to get more subscribers from every page of your website.
Clearly display email subscription box and try to place it above the fold. Clearly display your call to action and give your best reason for subscription. One can also add feed and social media links to increase social media subscribers.

3. Place subscription form within the post 

Many marketers are using this technique and the results are awesome. Find the most popular pages of your website (Consult your analytics) and place these forms with a professional message above them.
Don’t forget to add it in your About page as it is the best place for it.  

4. Use two step opt-in process

Currently this opt-in process is provided by ever ESP. In this process first you present a simple button with a message like “Click to subscribe” and when a reader click on that button, another window opens with subscription form. 
10 tips to increase your email subscribers
This method is really successful as the reader clicking the button is already providing a positive signal and when he see a subscription form on the next window, he happily enters his email address.

5. Tell them the numbers

One can add total number of subscribers to show that what that person is losing. Like you can write this message above the subscription box,
“Be a part of over 5000 daily subscriber’s community. Simply click below and get whatever you are missing”.

6. Offer something special

If you have something to provide for free then use it to increase your email subscribers. Make a popup form which will redirect your user to something free like a free tool or a free eBook. People will more than happy to subscribe if they get something free with just a simple subscription.

7. Say Thank you

Create a custom page with a thank you note. This method can also be used with the above step as providing something free and then saying “Thanks for your subscription” will make your subscriber emotional 🙂
10 tips to increase your email subscribers
You can also use social media gadgets on these pages to increase your social media subscribers.

8. Welcome them warmly in first email

This step is just to increase your interest. Almost every ESP provider allows to add a custom first message so choose it carefully. Welcome your reader and introduce them to your blog. Try to create a humanly relation, ask their problems or appreciate their suggestion.

9. Run a contest

I have seen many people using this trick. Like they introduce a contest on their social media pages and then define a process to win the contest. And the first step in this defined process email subscription form. This helps them to get many email subscribers and cross promote their blog to other people. 

10. Guest posting

This can be a good source of traffic as well as can help you to increase your email subscription. Use related blogs to do guest posting and add a link to your social media profile and subscription form for your own blog. 

Up to you

These 10 steps can make your email marketing campaign really effective so use all of them and don’t forget to share your experience about this post.
In the last if you like it then share it across every platform.

Enjoy Guys! and don’t forget to post your comments. © MyTricksTime.com

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