Airtel Free Internet in 3G Speed For November and December 2014

Airtel has one of the best internet services in India. The internet speed of Airtel GPRS in considerably better than other telecom companies. But, airtel internet plans are a bit costly. So, lot of people search for Airtel GPRS trick to use free GPRS on airtel. Well, here is an Airtel GPRS trick which you can use to  access free internet on Airtel.

Airtel GPRS trick

This is a proxy trick by using which you can enjoy free browsing and downloading on Airtel.
You just have to create a new Airtel GPRS setting.
Do the following settings

  • Profile name: Tech
  • Access point name (APN) :-
  • proxy:-
  • port :- 80
  • Homepage :-

Thats it. Create this airtel GPRS setting and activate it for all connections. You are set to enjoy free internet on airtel.
You can use this Airtel gprs trick on mobile as well as PC. To use this airtel GPRS trick on PC, you have to create these settings in your PC browser like Google chrome, Mozilla firefox etc.
Do comment below if it worked for you.
Enjoy Guys! and don’t forget to post your comments. ©

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