Download Next Launcher 3D APK for Android and Review

Download Next Launcher 3D APK for Android and Review - Next Launcher 3D Apk for Android has been successfully elevating the style of Android devices. Whether you want to know further about the Next Launcher 3D launcher apk. Next Launcher 3D for Android is designed to enhance your excitement in operating Android home screen with 3D effects. The flat … [Read more...]

How to unlock your Samsung Galaxy after Too many pattern Attempts or Forgotten Password

Samsung Galaxy LockoutSo you finally did it, you locked yourself out of your Samsung Galaxy. You knew you should have used a simple pattern or a password you could remember easily. So what do you do now?, nothing works and you need to use your phone again. The worst thing is you did not associate a Google account at the first sign in and that … [Read more...]

Using Packet Data And WiFi At Same Time For Quicker Transfer

If you are here then you may be fed up with your internet speed on your mobile. You may find it easy to use internet on mobile by connecting to your home or business WiFi for faster access  well,, as human mentality everyone wants more and more speed while using internet .If you are one of this type then you are at right … [Read more...]

How to find (or erase) a lost Android device

If you’ve ever needed to find a misplaced Android device, or if you’ve ever feared that it has fallen into the wrong hands, good news: Android has a few security features that are relatively simple to turn on and use, thanks to Google’s Android Device Manager. The only catch is that you need to enable these settings now, because you can’t do so … [Read more...]

10 Google Play tips and tricks every Android user should know

Google’s Play Store is your official Android portal for apps, games, movies and TV, books and magazines, and more. But Google Play isn’t just about content; it’s also a valuable tool for managing your various Android devices, setting notifications for apps and services, enabling automatic software updates, and personalizing your Android … [Read more...]