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How to speed up Samsung Galaxy Ace android phone

Using galaxy ace android phone is a pleasure to all because of its lovable user interface and smoothness. But when your galaxy is flooded with apps, high end games , things become laggy. The fact is that many apps left a background process for its working. This consumes a fair amount of RAM. Here's some tips that i often use to save RAM … [Read more...]

Location-based Alerts on your Android

Setting location based reminders is very simple in android. The app is integrated with Google Maps and you can just tap a location on the map to set a reminder when you are around that place. You can create one-time alerts or configure it to repeat on particular days How do you locate your mobile phone if the ringer is off? Maybe you switched … [Read more...]

Create Animated GIFs on Android

If you want to share movies from your Android phone, making and sharing a quick animated GIF instead is definitely a better option than sharing the whole movie because it will consume a lot of your monthly bandwidth. An animated GIF can be made using GIF Droid. A video can be taken and turned into an animated GIF that you can send to … [Read more...]

New Airtel Free 3G Trick For All Symbian And Android Phones

Follow The Below Steps:FOR SYMBIAN and JAVA Phones: 1. UC - Browser  make settings IP- or  Port  - 80 APN-  Now open any  handler. in front query put " " or select  proxy server … [Read more...]

Download fonts for Samsung Galaxy phones – Fontomizer

Do you ever want to change your Samsung galaxy's fonts. There are many fonts specially mede for galaxy series phones are available through fontomizer. It's an application that supply font packages for Samsung galaxy devices such as Galxy ace,Galaxy Tab, POP, FIT, S, SII etc. The fontomizer application can be downloaded from android … [Read more...]

Install Your Java Game On Android

Are you using java phone before using android? maybe you have a lot of collection of java game made by you. For java application or J2ME not supported in android. Many local phone have java emulator, but not all application can used with clearly. If you want to play your java game in your android you must convert it … [Read more...]

6 Great Apps to Track Lost Phones

It is unfortunate that wherever we turn, crime seems to be right next to us. Your phone is expensive. A stolen phone can mean a loss of $2-500.00. Applications are available to help you get your phone back. While very helpful, it is important to note that if a malicious person stole your phone, it is best to report the theft to the police. … [Read more...]

Opera Mini-7 boosts browsing on Android phones

Opera Software has made available the latest release of its Opera Mini browser for Android smartphones, boasting improved hardware acceleration plus a number of user interface tweaks.Other improvements include changes to the user interface such as the option to add as many Speed Dial buttons as the user wants. Previously, users could only have nine … [Read more...]

How To Make Android Phone Faster

Android is an unforgettable milestone in the magical era of  smartphones and tabs. It came into market like lightning and roared like thunder, beating all other old mobile operating systems in less time.The entry of android made companies like samsung, motorola, sony and htc to manufacture smartphones which can really threaten Apple products … [Read more...]