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How to Get Free Traffic to your Website or Blog

A constant flow of visitors and traffic is the dream of many a website and blog owner. But, where to find them? – some would ask. The answer is - it isn’t difficult to find them at all… or in this case, them find you. Millions of people are online every minute, and there are ways to get at least a fraction of those visiting your website. … [Read more...]

how to add meta tags for each post in blogger

Seo for blogger blogAdding meta tags in blogger is really a best way to drive traffic from search engines and it really good for seo of your blog. but did you know that we can also add separate meta tags for each post. so each post has his own data in google search engine. meta tags are really important part in blogs because it tell search engines … [Read more...]

How to find good Keywords

Here my aim is to make you aware of good keywords and teach you how to find good keywords for your website, PPC ad campaigns, article marketing etc..What are good keywords?Good keywords are the keywords that are:Related to your website or businessHave got a good search volumeLess competitionAll these factors may or may not come together. … [Read more...]

Add Facebook Comments Tab below Blog Posts – Facebook Comments for Blogger

In This Tutorial we will learn how to show both facebook and blogger comments inside tabs that can be easily switched and toggled. The comment count will appear inside the tabs with an icon thus letting the visitor a much clearer option of commenting. The tabs are clickable to behave like buttons.  The tabs act more like two separate pages … [Read more...]

Brand Colors – A Curated Gallery Of Popular Brand Color Codes

Irrespective of the design quality, colors has it’s vital role in every modern day web design. If you take a look at the Microsoft’s tile design – it’s all about colors and icons. Even recently their changed their logo to match the title design. Instead of talking in-depth about colors, I found a nice gallery of popular brand color codes which … [Read more...]

Realtime Online Visitor Counter Inside Browser For Any Website

Here is the Great Stat counter plugin & extension for browser which will show your online visitors it will count and show you in written form without do any thing no need to install widgets into blog or just need to install this extension inside your browser any brows it’s available for chrome and Firefox if you will install so it … [Read more...]


Add Border To Post Titles in Blogger: Let's play with CSS and change the border of post titles in Blogger.You may have noticed the blog titles comes with "text-decoration:none" by default , in simple words no style is applied to the titles of the Blog Posts.Actually we can change the post titles and can decorate it with different CSS … [Read more...]

A Simple Related Posts Widget For Blogger

In the last tutorial, i've been talking about the Related Posts widget that shows related posts along with thumbnails just at the end of your blog articles. Some of the users, however,would prefer a simpler and cleaner displaying of their related posts so that it would show just the posts titles. So let's begin adding it!DEMO BELOWHow to … [Read more...]

Add Facebook Like Button To Blogger Posts

Hello Friends, Today is Last Date of this February and after many Days I going to share a small blogger widget (Facebook Like Button). Is is the most common widgets used by millions of Bloggers around  the World.As we all know facebook is one of the largest social media company in the word.If your blog have any fan page then it will … [Read more...]