Simplest JavaScript to Open Popup Window from Plain Text

You can use JavaScript to create popup windows. Popup Windows are different to simply opening a new browser window.If you only want to open a new browser window you can add the target=”_blank” attribute within your tag. Popup windows however, are more powerful. Using JavaScript’s method, you can … [Read more...]

Insert a Download Button in Blog Posts to Open Links in Popup Window

A download button is used whenever we want to hide a link from the users. It can be a link to any website or link to any file that you want to hide. It also makes a Download link prominent so a reader doesn’t have to find the actual download link in a lengthy blog posts.It’s a simple HTML “type” tag that creates … [Read more...]

All In One SEO Pack Pro Version Free Download

All In One SEO Pack-Pro Version Is Most Downloaded WordPress Plugin,This Plugin Optimizes Your WordPress Site For Search Engines.New Bloggers And Not Ready To Buy Premium Plugins,Many Bloggers Are Facing money Problem And Not Able To Buy Premium Plugins.The Price Of This Premium Plugin Is Around 39$But Don’t Worry … [Read more...]

What Is Bounce Rate In Google Analytics? How To Reduce It?

What is bounce rate in google analytics and how to reduce bounce rate is the most frequently asked question from the bloggers who don’t know or have a little knowledge about wordpress blog analysis.Bounce rate is very important metrics for our blogs or websites. Bounce rate helps bloggers to analyze their blog and to improve performance … [Read more...]

How to Make your Blogger Blog ready for Mobile Phones

As you know, millions of people use their mobile phones to access internet. The mobile internet speed is also very fast these days with 3G's , mobile apps,etc.From this, we can say many of your readers are coming to your blog through mobile phones..But, if you don't make your blog mobile friendly, .you may lose all your mobile readers because in a … [Read more...]