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Brand Colors – A Curated Gallery Of Popular Brand Color Codes

Irrespective of the design quality, colors has it’s vital role in every modern day web design. If you take a look at the Microsoft’s tile design – it’s all about colors and icons. Even recently their changed their logo to match the title design. Instead of talking in-depth about colors, I found a nice gallery of popular brand color codes which … [Read more...]

Three Reminders For Successful Blog Promotion

Add captionThree Reminders For Successful Blog PromotionSome bloggers start their blog based on the passion of sharing information and their point of view with anyone who cares to read. Other bloggers write purely as a way to supplement their wallets.  With either reason, blogs must be promoted. A great post won’t get very far without a little … [Read more...]

4 Methods Of Increasing Your Blog’s Domain Authority

The day-to-day activity and lifestyle of people across the world have undergone major changes due to the several breakthroughs in technology that have taken place over time. Now, people have grown used to relying heavily on high-tech gadgets. These days, it is almost unthinkable to survive without using tools like internet, laptop, computers, … [Read more...]

How To Manually Add Back To Top Button In Blogger Blog?

Back to Top is a single click navigation menu that takes you to the top of page. May be your blog be very long or the users have a scroll a long page to go to the back of your page when they are studying at the bottom. This button is most for those bloggers who write a long post. I think every blogger must use it.The users feel easy to close the … [Read more...]

Realtime Online Visitor Counter Inside Browser For Any Website

Here is the Great Stat counter plugin & extension for browser which will show your online visitors it will count and show you in written form without do any thing no need to install widgets into blog or just need to install this extension inside your browser any brows it’s available for chrome and Firefox if you will install so it … [Read more...]

Official Blogger iPhone App

Google Blogger has recently released their official iPhone app which allow the users to use Blogger in iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.With the current version of Blogger iPhone app you can create new post with pictures from your iPhone or you can take new picture directly.Take have a look at some screen shots below:You can download the Blogger app … [Read more...]

A Simple Related Posts Widget For Blogger

In the last tutorial, i've been talking about the Related Posts widget that shows related posts along with thumbnails just at the end of your blog articles. Some of the users, however,would prefer a simpler and cleaner displaying of their related posts so that it would show just the posts titles. So let's begin adding it!DEMO BELOWHow to … [Read more...]


Many Popular blogs use a notification bar to show a News feed and latest content because it attracts your visitors attention.You can add a link to a featured post, your Rss feed, social profile or an affiliate offer. So here I will show you how to add an awesome notification bar with close button. Its very simple and looks very cool.You can use it … [Read more...]

Speed up our blog by hosting CSS files externally

Nowadays, blogs and websites are ranked on basis of various factors and page load speed is also one of the factor on which your search rank depends.If you are on Blogger then the reason you don't get good search results if compared to similar WordPress blogs is because WordPress sites load faster and that's because the CSS for the website is hosted … [Read more...]