New Awesome “Facebook Recommendation Bar” To Increase Page Views For Blogspot

Facebook introduced their new awesome social plugin called "Facebook Recommendation Bar" which allows users to like content, get recommendations and share what they are reading with their friends. It is a great way to increase your site page views as this plugin will display your most useful and popular articles on the bottom right corner of … [Read more...]

50 Search Engine for submit your website

When we running blog, main thing is traffic. we all are trying to drive more traffic for our search engines are more important.because people are get the  information by searching on search engine.if we submit  out site to search engine, it will help to drive traffic for  our i got 50 search can submit … [Read more...]

How To Add Comment Counter Button To Blogger Post

This Gadget will help you to count your comment as my post.1. Log in to your Blogger and Go to Design >> Edit HTML2.First of all download your full template.because if you make some wrong    you can recover it.3. Put checked marked in Expand Widget Templates4.Find this tag by … [Read more...]

how to add meta tags for each post in blogger

Seo for blogger blogAdding meta tags in blogger is really a best way to drive traffic from search engines and it really good for seo of your blog. but did you know that we can also add separate meta tags for each post. so each post has his own data in google search engine. meta tags are really important part in blogs because it tell search engines … [Read more...]

How To Add Facebook Like Button Below Blogger Blog Post Title

Let your visitors like your content by adding Facebook Like Button to your post content. In this article I will teach you step by step on how to add Facebook Like Button below blogger blog post title with different button styles that suit to your content for example we have a standard, with box count, and with button count. Ok! Let’s start if you … [Read more...]