How to increase your RAM and make your computer system faster

These tips will help you to increase your Desktop or Laptops speed and make your system quickIt includes to main steps . from these you will learn How to increase your RAM and make your computer system faster 1.Increase virtual Ram (Paging)       2.Check for errors, Analyze and defragment. 3. Deleting %temp% and … [Read more...]

Change Startup & Shutdown Sound

Do you get tired of listening same windows startup and shutdown sound?? If yes, then this trick is for you. By using this you can change default windows startup and shutdown sound and can use any of your favorite voice or music as your system's shutdown and start up. Here are steps for this.1). Choose the track or sound which you want to set as … [Read more...]

How to Type in Indian language Gujarati – ગુજરાતી માં કેવી રીતે સરળથી ટાઇપ કરવું.

Typing Gujarati on a computer is somewhat confusing and not straight-forward.I have put together a guide on how to get started.Download Google Transliteration IME1) Go To Above Link, Then Select Gujarati or Whatever Language You wanna Type.2) Then Click on Download.3) After Download Do the Following Step.Double Click on that Download File and it … [Read more...]

How to Change the ICON of an EXECUTABLE file

Some times it becomes necessary to change the icon of an executable (.exe) file so that the file get’s a new appearance. Many of the tools such as TuneUP Winstyler does this job by adjusting the Windows to display a custom icon to the user. But, in reality if the file is carried to a different computer, then it shows it’s original icon … [Read more...]

Advance matrix effects

I had Previously posted about Matrix effect using notepad But this is more advance its look more advance then the previous one. So open up your notepad and get started.Open Notepad and copy below [email protected] offclstitle Enter The Matrixcolor 02set string=Wake up Neo...set /a len=18call :DisplayTextping … [Read more...]