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Password Protect Your Usb Drive without any software

Hello Friends.Now You can protect your USB of Pendrive data without any software. but this trick will give you strong protection like a software. Carry usb along with us, It’s always a good idea to carry your important files in a usb instead of carrying the whole laptop. But we don’t like everyone can check our files on usb. So i use a password for … [Read more...]

Default modem driver for CDMA phones and USB net setter

use the following steps if you don't have your phone's modem driver.1. Go to -> Control Panel -> Select Phone and Modem options.2. Install a new modem on your computer. Do not allow the computer to detect a Plug and Play modem. Ins tead, select the Standard 33600 modem that is available as one of the default choices. (Don't worry - it will … [Read more...]

Watch Live Tv on Mobile and Pc — Wanna know how.?

Hello Dear Friendsnow i am again come here to take a UNIQUE trick to watch live tv on your pc and need only a INTERNET connection for PC and GPRS connection for watch live tv on your mobile. With its help you canWatch live Tv on Your computer and mobile users also...Watch live Tv For TATA DOCOMO userWatch live Tv For Airtel userWatch … [Read more...]

Folder Lock without using any software

You can lock and unlock your folder with this simple trick !Procedure :1. Make a folder on the desktop and name it as “folder”2. Now, open notepad and write ren folder folder.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D} and now (Notepad Menu) File>save as.3. In the ‘save as’ name it as lock.bat and click save ! (Save it on Desktop)4. Now, again open … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Speed up ur PC

Steps to Speed Up your PC1. Free Up Disk Space by eliminating junk files and unused programs from your computerRemove temporary Internet files.Empty the Recycle Bin.Remove Windows temporary files.Uninstall Programs that you no longer use.2. Periodically perform Hard Disk Defragmentation.Goto Start -> All Programs … [Read more...]

Fix Recycle Bin Fix Patch

This xFix Patch fixes the 3 following problems:Files cannot being deleted from a following drive.Annoying message appears and says that Recycle Bin is corrupt in X: drive.Disk Cleanup is unable to scan a following drive.Note: This program requires Administrator Rights. Please right-click this tool’s icon and click on “Run as … [Read more...]

Task Manager to view network status

Task Manager shows you the programs, processes, and services that are currently running on your computer. You can use Task Manager to monitor your computer’s performance or to close a program that is not responding.If you are connected to a network, you can also use Task Manager to view network status and see how your network is functioning. If … [Read more...]

Fix Windows XP/7 Safe Mode Fix Patch

Safe mode is a troubleshooting option for Windows that  starts your computer in a limited state. Only the basic files and drivers necessary to run Windows are started. The words “Safe Mode” appear in the corners of the display to identify which Windows mode you are using. If an existing problem does not reappear when you start in safe mode, … [Read more...]

How Enable Task Manager In Computer

How Enable Task Manager In Computer,yes friends whenever you are infected by some viruses you always receive this error-Task Manager Has Been Disabled By Your Administration,have you got this error in your computer, i am sure if you would be using computer regularly then for sure you would have got this error once while using ctrl+del+alt to end … [Read more...]