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How to use mobile camera as PC webcam

Smartcam is a small utility which can help you in using your mobile camera as a webcam and it is really handy to use so simply downloading it and installing it will help you in using it. You do not need to have any kind of technical knowledge so just check out the below steps and enjoy this amazing small software.Follow below steps :1. First you … [Read more...]

Unlimited Download from Rapidshare, Megaupload, – Notepad tricks

Here is a simple notepad tricks to download unlimited from Rapidshare, Megaupload file sharing websites.Do read – 10+ Trick for unlimited Downloads from Megaupload and RapidshareCopy the code given below in notepad :[email protected] offecho ipconfig /flushdnsipconfig /flushdnsecho ipconfig /releaseipconfig /releaseecho ipconfig … [Read more...]

Top 5 Websites for Video Chatting with Strangers Online

Are you bored of chatting with friends and relatives? You can have some wonderful time while video chatting with strangers from all over the world without disclosing your identity. This is a best alternative for facebook video chat, Google Hangouts that only permit chatting with your friends.You can make new friends or just kill some … [Read more...]

Top 6 Free Online Tools to Convert Video Formats

These days its not necessary to burden your processor with too many tools and software as they are easily available online.You can play games like Angry Birds , convert images into text ,convert ringtones , and much more.Most of the video sharing websites supports WMV ,FLV and MP4 formats only.However if … [Read more...]

Camfrog Video Chat

FeaturesVideo chat 1-on-1 and join video chat rooms.No webcam is required to see people.Camfrog works behind all firewalls, routers, and wireless networks.It's easy to find new people to video chat with our user directory.It's a small download, only 7.3MB. It takes under 15 minutes to download with a modem connection.CLICK HERE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD … [Read more...]

Customizing Your Pen Drive as RAM

One of the best ways of using Pen Drive is as a temporary storage device i.e. RAM for our system, to increase the general boot up speed and also operational speed of the system. It can be possible with any kind of Windows operating system, all you need is a pen drive of minimum 1GB memory.How to Customizing … [Read more...]

Capslock Notification – screen flash and computer beeps

Here is trick for capslock notification, it make your screen flash and computer beeps everytime you press capslock button. It will let you know that capslock is on when you accidently hit it during typing. Its very simple just follow these steps:For window vista1). Go to control panel.2). In control panel, click on ease of acesss … [Read more...]

Free Unlimited 3G Service on Tata Docomo

Free Unlimited 3G Service on Tata DocomoHello Friends,Are you tired of using the low speed 2G service? I know your answer is ‘YES’. We all want to lay our hands on the latest high speed 3G service which gives a  download speed of 500 kbps to 1000 kbps. Today I will show a trick using which you can use unlimited 3G service for … [Read more...]

Free Internet Fax

Free Internet FaxFree Internet Faxall members searching for free fax service.These services make it possible to send faxes in a variety of ways and all you need is an internet connection. Peruse this list of the ten best free online fax services and test one out for yourself.1. ScanRFax from anywhere when you scan your … [Read more...]