How to Use your extra Gmail space as a hard drive

Hi! Guys Did you know that If you’re having extra space on your Gmail account and you don’t have extra space on your hard disk, you can use that free Gmail space as a hard drive. Using a cool freeware program called Gdrive will create an extra drive inside My Computer, and every time you use this drive i.e. use files from … [Read more...]

Rajnikant’s Website Runs without Internet

Dammm its serious if you do not believe than you have too because I just saw it it and enjoyed it a lot, means what ever you say Rajni-Kant properly means that there’s nothing which Rajnikant cannot do. So when I just saw this website I was just amazed than how it can run without internet but the thing is that its really running without as it … [Read more...]

facebook friend adder

Facebook invites are useful to invite your friends to view your website or to like your new Facebook page, you will see friends invite almost everywhere in Facebook.  Facebook invites are useful but a sometimes a hard job if you have large number of friends like me, i have 2525 friends on Facebook and thus it was very difficult for me to … [Read more...]

Keyboard Dancing Led Light Trick

          Today i will be showing you an interesting trick which will let your keyboard led light to dance. Basicly we will be creating a vbscript to make caps lock, num lock and scroll lock to perform this trick. So lets get started.     How to do that ?      … [Read more...]

50+ Best Websites to Download Countless Free Stock Images

No matter who you are, a student making a big project, a white-collar constructing a series of presentation, or an advertiser designing a handbill, you will always need a lot of images to complete your tasks, especially when you are not a good photographer. However, very few of us can afford those expensive paid photos. That is why we urgently need … [Read more...]