How to remove shortcut virus from pendrive ?

Shortcut Viruses is a common problem for most of us and because of these many time, we lost out important data. today MyTricksTime come with a solution to this problem. Yes, now you can remove shortcut virus without any antivirus software and keep your files safe and make your computer faster. Here we posted to remove shortcut virus so check out … [Read more...]

Some Useful Run Commands

Some Useful Run Commands - If you are a windows user then this post may be very helpful for you. Today we have come with Some Useful Run Commands for you which commands which we are sharing in this article that is very useful and helpful for settings and customization of our PC or laptop. Using  … [Read more...]

Super Hide the files Using Command Prompt

Super Hide the files Using Command PromptAll of us want to hide some files, movies and the stuff from others. Many of us make the attributes of the file as hidden and make it invisible through the folder options. But every computer user knows it. I know on using other’s computer almost all of us enable showing hidden files to see what secret … [Read more...]

Chat with Friends through Command Prompt

Hello friends,Now U Can Chat With Command Prompt ThroughSo Here IS A Trick.....1) All you need is your friend's IP Address and your Command Prompt.2) Open Notepad and write this code as it [email protected] off:AClsecho MESSENGERset /p n=User:set /p m=Message:net send %n% %m%PauseGoto A3) Now save this as "Messenger.Bat".4) Open Command Prompt.5) Drag … [Read more...]

Useful Windows XP DOS Commands & Tricks

Typing DOS commands on the Windows Command Line prompt is a most efficient and faster way of doing things in Windows XP. Here's a run-down of the most useful DOS commands available in Windows XP. Some of these DOS commands even do not have an visual alternative.DOS Command-line tools must be run at the prompt of the Cmd.exe command interpreter. To … [Read more...]

Output Dos Command to File

Output Dos Command to fileThis is a small trick that many Dos users might already know. The trick just shows you how to run a Dos command and instead of displaying the outputs on the screen,it saves the outputs into a file.This trick is very helpful when you want to save the result of a dos command to a file to email it or read/print it later. For … [Read more...]