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Keyboard Shortcuts For Facebook for Browser

Hello Reader, Today we are come with Keyboard Shortcuts For Facebook. Let’s talk about this article. In this post we will give the shortcut keys for Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. So if you are spending a lot of time while using Facebook then why not spend it more efficiently. There are a lot of browser in the world which used by … [Read more...]

How To Find Out Who Views Your Facebook Profile

The biggest advantage for this trick to see who views you Facebook profile is that you don’t require any kind of third party tool or software to know it which sometimes seems complicated and even then do not display the correct result.In this method you just need to press some keys on your keyboard and the accurate result will be in front of you … [Read more...]

How To Update Your Facebook Status in Blue Colour

Facebook is becoming more popular day by day and engaging more and more users every hour. With popularity of Facebook many tricks and hacks come daily, because of this earlier we post about How To Increase Protection Of Facebook Account to prevent being hacked. Now we again come with this post where you will learn How To Update Your Facebook Status … [Read more...]

Facebook Photo Verification Trick

I hope you will sure like this new trick of facebook photo verification . It is very big problem that when we open facebook account by different different device we will get facebook account blocked and can unlock with only one method “Facebook photo verification” This is very big difficulty that we can not remember all photos of our friends so if … [Read more...]

How to Post Facebook Colourful comments and status

Hi friends,MyTricksTime team bring a latest trick for you. Now you can type colourful in Facebook &  You can use these codes on Facebook comments, status &  chat alsoJust copy below code and post...A= [[f9.cha]]B= [[f9.chb]]C= [[f9.chc]]D= [[f9.chd]]E= [[f9.che]]F= [[f9.chf]]G= [[f9.chg]]H= [[f9.chh]]I= [[f9.chi]]J= [[f9.chj]]K= … [Read more...]

40 Love Facebook Symbols Code

Smileys are the best way to express your mood, or what you are feeling right now without typing anything but by just showing a nice emoticon that expresses everything, well we have already posted many stuff on Facebook like and these new codes join that awesome list so check image on the right demonstrating some emoticons,I just messaged to my dear … [Read more...]

Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages,Photos and Videos

Hey guys apologize for not updating Smarttricks with Fresh Content Regularly in Recent times. But there is a Good News, because i am back with yet another Facebook Trick. Today we will see How to Recover deleted facebook messages,Photos and Videos and much more on facebook. Basically its a Facebook Feature which not many people are aware of … [Read more...]

Track A Person’s Location while Chatting on Facebook

If you wants to track anyone’s location, might be your friend whom you wants to meet for an important job and he is telling you that he is outside. So, just invite him on Facebook Chat and say him “hi” or any familiar word which you use.Track Location on ChatNow, when you friends do reply, open your windows Command Prompt. Someone call it cmd, … [Read more...]

How to Update Facebook Status via Devices Apps?

Have you ever wondered to update your Facebook status via IPhone, Blackberry without any devices? Sometime you would have seen your friend’s status via blackberry, IPhone and other devices and you also want to update your status like that but you don’t have any devices then what would you do. Today I am going to share the trick to update your … [Read more...]