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Mr Bean on Facebook comments and status

Hi friends, MyTricksTime team bring a latest trick for you. Now you can post Mr. Bean in Facebook &  You can use these codes on Facebook comments, status &  chat alsoJust copy below code and post... … [Read more...]

An Update on FaceBook and Hashtags

As was previously reported by The Wall Street Journal, Facebook plans to launch its own version of the hashtag, allowing users to connect common themes and trending topics around the social network by adding the simple hashtag symbol to a status update. Clicking through sends a reader down a rabbit hole of information, all connected to the … [Read more...]

13 Facebook Tricks You Probably Never Heard Of

Everyone knows Facebook, but not everyone knows Facebook very well. You could spend your days on the world’s biggest social network liking and sharing, or you could learn a few tricks that will bring you closer to being a power user.These 13 Facebook tricks will help you take charge of your Facebook activity, as well as earn you some savvy … [Read more...]

Facebook Green Alphabet Code

Dear friends,Today we again come with new Facebook Green Alphabet.You can use these Green character at Facebook comments and States, you can use also in Facebook chat. Read Also :  Trick to Post Empty Status on FacebookAwesome New Smiley Codes List for FacebookHow to select all friends at once to invite friends on FacebookJust copy code below … [Read more...]

Happy birthday code for Facebook comments and status

Hello friendsToday we create new Facebook happy birthday code for MyTricksTime readers..Just copy below code, remove ★ and post code as comments or status.  👍👍👍★[[175464589298940]] Happy★[[175464659298933]] Birthday★[[175464752632257]] Happy★[[175464975965568]] Birthday★[[175465069298892]] Happy★[[175465152632217]] … [Read more...]

Trick to Post Empty Status on Facebook

We usually update our facebook status with a quote or share a line about our day.All of us want to get attention of others to our status.In one of my earlier post I wrote about the trick to Update your facebook status with any device(blackberry,iphone,ipad etc) .How would you feel if you see a blank status update from someone? Amazed!!You … [Read more...]

Awesome New Smiley Codes List for Facebook 2014

Smileys are the best way to express your mood, or what you are feeling right now without typing anything but by just showing a nice emoticon that expresses everything, well we have already posted many stuff on Facebook like and these new codes join that awesome list so check image on the right demonstrating some emoticons,I just messaged to my dear … [Read more...]

How to select all friends at once to invite friends on Facebook

Facebook invites are useful to invite your friends to view your website or to like your new Facebook page, you will see friends invite almost everywhere in Facebook.  Facebook invites are useful but a sometimes a hard job if you have large number of friends like me, i have 2525 friends on Facebook and thus it was verydifficult for me to … [Read more...]

How To Get You Page Famous On Facebook Fast

   If you have a website or planning to create one, this simple tutorial will teach you how to get likes for your page really fast in a few easy steps.1) Open notepad2) Copy-paste the following code:This goes to HEAD:<script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script><script … [Read more...]