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Add Facebook Comments Tab below Blog Posts – Facebook Comments for Blogger

In This Tutorial we will learn how to show both facebook and blogger comments inside tabs that can be easily switched and toggled. The comment count will appear inside the tabs with an icon thus letting the visitor a much clearer option of commenting. The tabs are clickable to behave like buttons.  The tabs act more like two separate pages … [Read more...]

How To Create Free Facebook Apps For Website Login Or Blog

Facebook apps are very useful and most uses for different kind of work, like mostly peoples create free Facebook apps for fun and time pass but they make money online with advertising on it. And some peoples create apps for their blogs, and website.And in this article I will show you a very beginner guide how to create free Facebook apps that can … [Read more...]

All Facebook Smiley Codes

We all use facebook but still alot of us are unware of how to use smileys in chat.Some of us just think how the other person have sent a smiley.Well it is very simple to send smileys in facebook chat.You have to just enter a code and it will automatically convert into a smiley.I am providing here a complete list of smiley codes that can be used … [Read more...]

Tips to Identify Fake Facebook Account Easily

Fake Facebook Accounts is Proving out to be a new Trend on Facebook. Probably 20-30% of total Facebook Accounts are fake or even more, This Number is Anticipated to be Increasing in Future. Fake accounts on Facebook are  mainly Created with an intention to Spam all over Facebook and Spread Virus. Many people Create Fake Girl’s Profiles to Dupe … [Read more...]

Facebook Should Have a Limit How many time You can Change your Relationship Status

Facebook is tweaking its timeline design, and changes are rolling out already for personal pages. That means brand managers should start preparing, because it’s likely the changes will also take effect for company pages. Last month, ABC was the first to report on these changes, which at the time were only hypothetical. A Facebook spokesperson told … [Read more...]

Top 10 Facebook Wallpapers For Your Desktop

Enjoy Guys! and don't forget to post your comments. © … [Read more...]

Facebook For Every Phone: Mobile Application For All The Phones In The World!

Facebook, hugely popular social networking website, has an interactive mobile website for getting its users hooked up to addictive platform. However the website has its own set of limitations and every other feature/function of Facebook cannot be cramped into mobile web version. For this reason, it has come up with a dedicated mobile applications … [Read more...]

Punch Facebook Chat Code

There are many Facebook Chat Codes are available to make fun with your friends, so recently Facebook also added an amazing Punch Facebook Chat, take a look at the image: ^ Copy the below Facebook Punch Code and paste it in your chat options while chatting with your friends:[[488850267812232]] [[488850257812233]] [[488850271145565]] … [Read more...]

How to create facebook Chat codes

Have you seen People sending Smiles and images that are not part of Facebook Traditional chat codes.Here in this post You will see how easy it is to create these codes and Impress you Facebook friendsLike, The best part is you can create your Unique codes . You can create codes of any image stored in you computer, by following these … [Read more...]