Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.In my previous post I gave my reader merry Christmas Facebook smile,which become quite popular on Facebook so I decided to create New year smile for Facebook.This smile work same as previous smiles you just need to copy and paste one of the below … [Read more...]

How To Create Facebook Page For Business / Blogger / Blogs | MTT

F            acebook is a best social media networking site. Have you business, company, blogger, blogs or any website? So create your own facbook page for your business, company, blogger, blogs and website. you can increase your traffic to your business, blogs by creating facebook page for … [Read more...]

Free download Facebook Video Player(for Chrome): Watch Videos & Continue Reading Posts

Watching videos on Facebook can become really frustrating at times. You play a video, and have to remain stuck at the same part of the page until it finishes, since if you scroll away to continue your social activities on Facebook, you lose sight of the video. Facebook Video Player is an extension for Google … [Read more...]

Trick To View Facebook Photos in Full Screen Mode

One Month Ago Facebook Came Up With Photo Viewer . In Revamped Photo Viewer , All Comments , Likes , Tags Were in The Right Side Bar And Photo Was in Left Side . Now Facebook Has Published Out New Photo Viewer . Which Allows Users to View Facebook Photos in Full Screen Mode . There Is One Easy Way To View Facebook Photos IN Full Screen … [Read more...]

Go Offline for Selected Friends on Facebook

As we know that Logging In to our Facebook Account set our Default Status to Online. But what if we want to set our Status Offline even if we are Logged In to Our Facebook Account ?So for that there is the Trick on How to Go Offline for Selected Friends on Facebook So to use this Trick just follow these Simple Steps:Log In to your Facebook … [Read more...]