How to Query Google Results Via Sms

SMS’s are one of the most preferred mode of communication among people.Usually people believe that Internet is the only way to get google results.Recently Google has launched a new service that gives you  access to Movie show times ,Locations of local businesses ,Word meanings ,weather forecast ,Product prices and much more.So, if you don’t … [Read more...]

Google Penguin Update

From Google’s perspective, is the future of link building doomed forever? Who is responsible for such a calamitous situation? Have people been churning out irrelevant articles just for the sake of adding links and uploading them. With no dearth of directories and not many restrictions for submitting articles there have been article factories that … [Read more...]

How Google Tools Have Saved The Business World

Whatever business you’re running, your IT solutions are likely to be crucial to your success. IT has transformed the way we work beyond all recognition in the last twenty years and, for anybody who can remember those dark days prior to the internet; the changes are nothing less than miraculous. The last few years have seen many more advances in … [Read more...]

Best Funny Google Tricks

1. Meaning Of Search For GoogleGoto Google.comType Search in search boxPress I’m Feeling Lucky Button2. Loneliest NumberGoto Google.comEnter the following line in search box the loneliest numberPress enter and see which is the loneliest number.3. Meaning Of RecursionGoto Google.comEnter … [Read more...]


Google Trick -1 :- GOOGLE OPERATORType the following highlited words in google search box.Google has several google operators that can help you find specific information, specific websites or inquire about the indexing of your own   site, below you will find the most important ones:Click on the example google trick, and You will be … [Read more...]