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How Can You Turn Off Live Tiles In Windows 8

Windows 8 has come up with a whole lot of innovations. The very Startup screen of this Windows version has several new features one of which is the live tiles. Once you start your PC installed with Windows 8, you will get to see the live tiles on the screen.The live tiles collect updates from the web and showcase them on your screen. For instance, … [Read more...]

Backup Blogger : How To Backup & Restore Complete Blogspot Blog Tutorial

Backup is very important thing for everything a self-honest and qualified peoples whenever make any plan or work they must make a backup because if anything get trouble backup is only the way to restore anything.Blogger Backup is easy more than WordPressBackup Blogger[jbox color="yellow"]Blogger Introduction[/jbox]Blogger is the free source for … [Read more...]

Google Drive Can Now Host Your Static Webpage

Google Drive has turned on a feature that lets the cloud storage service become a limited web host.It's long been possible to allow others to access data stored in the service, which can produce a URL for files. The new tweak means it's possible to ask for a “Preview” of an HTML file stored in Google Drive. Doing so renders the page and produces a … [Read more...]

How to Change the ICON of an EXECUTABLE file

Some times it becomes necessary to change the icon of an executable (.exe) file so that the file get’s a new appearance. Many of the tools such as TuneUP Winstyler does this job by adjusting the Windows to display a custom icon to the user. But, in reality if the file is carried to a different computer, then it shows it’s original icon … [Read more...]

How to Compile C Programs

In many of my previous posts especially in the VIRUS CREATION section, I have used C as the programming language for writing the programs. If you’re new to C programming and find it difficult to compile the C source codes then this post is for you.Here is a step-by-step procedure to install Borland C++ compiler 5.5 on your PC … [Read more...]


Hi Guys ! Today we will know how we can scan all channels available on Airtel digital Tv using ADTV Set top box. Using this method we can know , Which new channels are on testing mode .You don't need any FTA set top box to scan transponders, you can scan all channels by using your own ADTV STB(Set Top Box) . Just follow these simple steps ..Open … [Read more...]

Show Blogger Image Only In Homepage And Hide It In Post Page

Want to know how to hide specific images from blogger posts pages and to appear only in homepage? In this tutorial we'll learn how we can do this! So let's start hiding our images from posts pages:Step 1. If you are using the old Blogger interface:Go to Dashboard - Design - Edit HTML - Expand Widget Template (make a backup)If you are using the … [Read more...]

How To Create Drop Caps (Big First Letters) In Blogger/Blogspot

Here's another way you can customize your Blog. In this case, your Posts and Comment's first letter. The effect is a large first letter stretching down three or four lines with the text wrapped around. The drop cap letter can also use a different font and can be a different color to the rest of the text. You often see this style in newspapers, … [Read more...]

How to add Recommended Post Slide Out Widget For Blogger

Recommended Post WidgetYou know those popup messages that slide out from the bottom right corner once you’ve almost reached the bottom of the page? Well, they used to be available only on WordPress but not anymore; now Blogger users can enjoy it too! The Recommended Post slide Out Widget is an invitation to the reader to read any other post once he … [Read more...]