How To Get You Page Famous On Facebook Fast

   If you have a website or planning to create one, this simple tutorial will teach you how to get likes for your page really fast in a few easy steps.1) Open notepad2) Copy-paste the following code:This goes to HEAD:<script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script><script … [Read more...]

How to make your PC speak what you type.

This is an amazing trick to amaze your friends.By using this trick you can make your computer to speak whatever you type.This trick is working on  all microsoft operating system and does not require any programming skills.You have to follow just simple steps and your own Text to Voice software will be ready.If you show … [Read more...]

How To Create Free Facebook Apps For Website Login Or Blog

Facebook apps are very useful and most uses for different kind of work, like mostly peoples create free Facebook apps for fun and time pass but they make money online with advertising on it. And some peoples create apps for their blogs, and website.And in this article I will show you a very beginner guide how to create free Facebook apps that can … [Read more...]

How to find (or erase) a lost Android device

If you’ve ever needed to find a misplaced Android device, or if you’ve ever feared that it has fallen into the wrong hands, good news: Android has a few security features that are relatively simple to turn on and use, thanks to Google’s Android Device Manager. The only catch is that you need to enable these settings now, because you can’t do so … [Read more...]


For those of you guys who have Airtel sim card and it has been lying useless for several days because there's no money for data subscription. I'll congratulate you because there is a code to get free megabyte and of course, free browsing! This code is offered legally by the Airtel network as a bonus and it is very short and direct.One thing you … [Read more...]