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How To Update Your Facebook Status in Blue Colour

Facebook is becoming more popular day by day and engaging more and more users every hour. With popularity of Facebook many tricks and hacks come daily, because of this earlier we post about How To Increase Protection Of Facebook Account to prevent being hacked. Now we again come with this post where you will learn How To Update Your Facebook Status … [Read more...]

Make Free Call By Your Airtel – Free Calling Trick For ALL NETWORK

Make Free Call By Your Airtel - Free Calling Trick For ALL NETWORK - We all know now a days all network companies increased their call rates now a days and call rate reduced plans are also only for 28 days or one months. But today I will tell you how you can make a 2 minutes free call . As i already told you free sms and net tricks for airtel. And … [Read more...]

How to Transfer Balance In Airtel, Idea, Uninor, Docomo, Aircel, Reliance, Vodafone, Bsnl

How to Transfer Balance In Airtel, Idea, Uninor, Docomo, Aircel, Reliance, Vodafone, BsnlHi Friends,Are you always find the way how you can send you mobile balance to another you or someone's else number? and you want to know how you can  send your mobile balance so you are here right place. today I'll let you know how you can send you mobile … [Read more...]

How to know Gender of Your PC or Laptop

Hello Friends, We are again come with a trick which help you to resolve your question answer. which is How to know Gender of Your PC or Laptop ? MyTricksTIme Team find  a again It's Quite funny! yeah, I know but it is amazing. There is nothing much to write about it. Simply, This trick tells you the Gender of your PC or Laptop. Have you ever … [Read more...]

5 ways to increase traffic to your blog

Everyone in this internet world is searching for something. There are trillion of queries each second and billions of result for each query. In this crowd of 2.5 billion internet users, who will ensure that your content is at the top?People write master pieces, produce quality content and that’s it. They think that the search engines will do … [Read more...]

Methods to use Multiple Whatsapp Account in single Android Phone

What if you could use multiple Whatsapp account on a single smartphone ? Wouldn’t it be a great experience operating different accounts on a smartphone? This Whatsapp trick described in this post will help you know how to use multiple whatsapp account on Android.There are basically two methods to do so, the first one … [Read more...]

Facebook Photo Verification Trick

I hope you will sure like this new trick of facebook photo verification . It is very big problem that when we open facebook account by different different device we will get facebook account blocked and can unlock with only one method “Facebook photo verification” This is very big difficulty that we can not remember all photos of our friends so if … [Read more...]

How to Remove Your Mobile Number & Contact Details from Truecaller ?

Truecaller has become one of the most popular Android App and a trusted mobile directory where people can find the name of an unknown number if it exist in its directory. Truecaller has been like a boon for some people who were first just harassed by some unknown numbers but at the same time there are people who don’t … [Read more...]

How to Post Facebook Colourful comments and status

Hi friends,MyTricksTime team bring a latest trick for you. Now you can type colourful in Facebook &  You can use these codes on Facebook comments, status &  chat alsoJust copy below code and post...A= [[f9.cha]]B= [[f9.chb]]C= [[f9.chc]]D= [[f9.chd]]E= [[f9.che]]F= [[f9.chf]]G= [[f9.chg]]H= [[f9.chh]]I= [[f9.chi]]J= [[f9.chj]]K= … [Read more...]