How to Create Personal Diary With Notepad

Creating Your Persional Diary With Notepad After a Long time I'm going to post a trick which work with Notepad, In this trick you can use Notepad as a personal diary. Many of us like to write diary about their personal thing and Loving memories. We use diaries but it's hard ho hide from others. Which this Note pad diary you can share your … [Read more...]

How To Find Out Who Views Your Facebook Profile

The biggest advantage for this trick to see who views you Facebook profile is that you don’t require any kind of third party tool or software to know it which sometimes seems complicated and even then do not display the correct result.In this method you just need to press some keys on your keyboard and the accurate result will be in front of you … [Read more...]

How to Mark all gmail unread messages read at once

If you are like me, then probably your unread message count of gmail has got some nice 4 figure number (well mine was 8000+ this morning). Now obviously going through all the unread messages manually and checking them as read is something which is not humanly possible. Luckily there is a trick in Gmail using which you can do it. I was feeling very … [Read more...]

How To Update Your Facebook Status in Blue Colour

Facebook is becoming more popular day by day and engaging more and more users every hour. With popularity of Facebook many tricks and hacks come daily, because of this earlier we post about How To Increase Protection Of Facebook Account to prevent being hacked. Now we again come with this post where you will learn How To Update Your Facebook Status … [Read more...]

Make Free Call By Your Airtel – Free Calling Trick For ALL NETWORK

Make Free Call By Your Airtel - Free Calling Trick For ALL NETWORK - We all know now a days all network companies increased their call rates now a days and call rate reduced plans are also only for 28 days or one months. But today I will tell you how you can make a 2 minutes free call . As i already told you free sms and net tricks for airtel. And … [Read more...]