How To Automatically Log Out From Facebook After Certain Time

I know its happen to many people , suppose you are chatting with your friends in Facebook then you got a phone on somebody came in your door , you just leave your PC without log out from Facebook and you forget that you were chatting with your friends in Facebook.On the opposite site your friend become angry that you are not replying.If you have … [Read more...]

Forgot To LogOut Facebook From Public Networks

Yeah there may be situations like you forgot to logout from a Cyber cafe and colleges.If so there is a chance that someone misuses your FaceBook Account.So lets see what to do in these situations Steps:Log in to Facebook from Home Computer Click Account … [Read more...]

Fraud Protection:How To Prevent Scam While Buying Online

These days fake online sites have caused a havoc in today’s society. So in todays world internet safety tips are a must to know. Whenever we buy things like tickets, Televisions or other household and electronic items, we all get attracted towards the discount these scam selling sites give and … [Read more...]

10 Smart Ways To Protect Your Blog From Hackers

It's an unfortunate reality of the Internet today that there are people out there who would like to hack your WordPress blog. It's possible that you may have made an enemy who would like to get back at you by hacking your site, but more frequently hackers are simply looking for an easy target. Here are 10 ways to ensure that you … [Read more...]

Create Separate Profiles in Google Chrome for Family Members

Create Separate Profiles in Google Chrome for Family MembersGoogle Chrome 16 lets you create multiple user accounts but if you want to keep your web history and passwords hidden from other Chrome users, you need to create a separate profile as explained in the following tutorial.If you have a common computer at home that you share with other family … [Read more...]