facebook friend adder

Facebook invites are useful to invite your friends to view your website or to like your new Facebook page, you will see friends invite almost everywhere in Facebook.  Facebook invites are useful but a sometimes a hard job if you have large number of friends like me, i have 2525 friends on Facebook and thus it was very difficult for me to … [Read more...]

How to bay a expired Domain Name

Buying an expiring domain name can be a good strategy to earn money online. There are many reasons why you would want to buy an expired domain name. You might need it for your own business, or you might even want to buy it and put it up for sale.Here’s how you go about buying an expiring domain name:One thing to keep in mind is that domain names do … [Read more...]

How To: Use a laptop as a Wi-Fi repeater

Almost all homes and offices today have an Internet connection either via a cable operator, telephone line or USB dongle. Sharing a single Internet connection with all other wireless-enabled devices at home or office requires a wireless router and these are available for as little as Rs. 1,000. But wireless routers are usually stationed at home or … [Read more...]

How to Query Google Results Via Sms

SMS’s are one of the most preferred mode of communication among people.Usually people believe that Internet is the only way to get google results.Recently Google has launched a new service that gives you  access to Movie show times ,Locations of local businesses ,Word meanings ,weather forecast ,Product prices and much more.So, if you don’t … [Read more...]

The Advantages of Internet Fax Software

Conventional fax machines are now being increasingly replaced by computerised systems that are automated to send and receive faxes without human intervention. Fax software has now become an integral part of home offices, as well as business infrastructure. This has eased the strain of having to carefully monitor communications, while also doing … [Read more...]