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5 Things to Check before Buying a New Laptop

We are living where we like to use these things which we can carry easily. That’s why new thing is coming in portable size and feature. Here we are talking about computer, everyone knows about computer and using this for many things. We are growing too fast and we are seeing here revolution in computers. In this revolution computer makes portable … [Read more...]

How to increase battery backup of a Laptop

Today we come with this article where you will know How to increase battery backup of a Laptop. Battery backup is a problem of every laptop user. A good battery of a laptop gives you the freedom to work with your laptop by carrying charger. The battery backup you can increase by avoiding some non standard habits. In fact, you can configure your … [Read more...]

How to clean your laptop’s cooling fans

clean your laptop's cooling fansI've written about this subject in years past, but it's so important I feel obligated to repeat myself for those who might have missed it.Your laptop may be choking to death.You see, like desktops, laptops can suck up lots of dust. And because everything in a laptop is packed together so tightly, dust is even more … [Read more...]

How To: Use a laptop as a Wi-Fi repeater

Almost all homes and offices today have an Internet connection either via a cable operator, telephone line or USB dongle. Sharing a single Internet connection with all other wireless-enabled devices at home or office requires a wireless router and these are available for as little as Rs. 1,000. But wireless routers are usually stationed at home or … [Read more...]

Review of Sony Vaio E-Series – VPC-EH2N1E

The Sony Vaio E-Series – VPC-EH2N1E laptop is composed of a 500 GB hard disk and 4 GB RAM along with an Intel i5 processor that has a speed of 2.4 GHz. Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium operating system is entitled to operate this laptop. Intel HD graphics card and a sound card add value to the output. The multi-touch track pad lets few fingers … [Read more...]

Tips to enlarge Laptop’s Battery Life – Cool Laptop Tips

Here are few tips for laptop's users toenlarge Laptop's battery life a little longer.1). Always use the power cord and the adapter that came with your laptop or other authorized replacement, dont use any local or unauthorized product.2). Do not leave laptop in direct sunlight, or in areas having extreme temperatures such … [Read more...]

Useful Tips for LAPTOP

Here are some tips for laptop, laptop are much more sensitive as compare to desktop, so we have to take some extra care of laptop. Here are some tips:Battery charge - Laptop autonomyDischarge completely your battery at least once per month.Security - Laptop trackingUse the CyberAngel security solution to track your laptop in case it is … [Read more...]