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Top Of i Phone Apps For Women

Modern women have so many duties to cope with. They work, take care of children and household, do shopping, do different payments and many more. Modern women have so many duties to cope with. They work, take care of children and household, do shopping, do different payments and many more. And every woman wants to have an easier life, to do … [Read more...]

Recharge Your Phone Battery Without Charger

Yes that’s true you can recharge your mobile phone battery without charger for a limited time.It is really annoying when you are away from home and your phone battery goes empty.If you are not carrying the charger the situation is more worse. What will you do if you have to make a call from your phone.There is an easy way without having to recharge … [Read more...]


For free browsing and downloading (but no resume support)Download any handler application..put front query any handler like opera,ucweb,bolt etc..This trick enables free browsing and downloading.But downloads are not resumable..For free browsing … [Read more...]

Create Animated GIFs on Android

If you want to share movies from your Android phone, making and sharing a quick animated GIF instead is definitely a better option than sharing the whole movie because it will consume a lot of your monthly bandwidth. An animated GIF can be made using GIF Droid. A video can be taken and turned into an animated GIF that you can send to … [Read more...]

Reset All Samsung Mobile phones Trick / Universal Unlock Secret Code For Samsung Mobile

Hello Dear Friends,If forgot your samsung mobile code !!! Don’t worry I have something for you, these codes could reset all samsung mobile codes (including mobile tracker code) regardless of any model.This is what to do :1. First of all turn off your mobilephone.2. Remove the SIM.3. Turn on your mobile without sim.SIM.4. Enter the code *2767*637# … [Read more...]

Watch Live Tv on Mobile and Pc — Wanna know how.?

Hello Dear Friendsnow i am again come here to take a UNIQUE trick to watch live tv on your pc and need only a INTERNET connection for PC and GPRS connection for watch live tv on your mobile. With its help you canWatch live Tv on Your computer and mobile users also...Watch live Tv For TATA DOCOMO userWatch live Tv For Airtel userWatch … [Read more...]

8 Tips to Improve the Battery Life On Your Nokia Mobile

Some friends of mine that are new to S60 have been experiencing battery problems with their Nokia mobiles. And after checking their devices I just realized that the problem was not the device, was the user!  Most of them have E71s, so battery life shouldn’t be an issue since this phone has a big 1500mAh battery. Basically the problem is that … [Read more...]

6 Great Apps to Track Lost Phones

It is unfortunate that wherever we turn, crime seems to be right next to us. Your phone is expensive. A stolen phone can mean a loss of $2-500.00. Applications are available to help you get your phone back. While very helpful, it is important to note that if a malicious person stole your phone, it is best to report the theft to the police. … [Read more...]

Review of Samsung Galaxy Note

The famous mobile manufacturing Company Samsung has launched it's latest Galaxy Note Phone in India.This phone has both features of Smart phones and Tablets as well.The size of the screen of this phone is larger than other models.According to Samsung this phone is best for those who want both Smartphone and Tablet but due to it's high … [Read more...]