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WhatsApp voice calling feature : here’s how to enable it without an invite

WhatsApp voice calling feature : here's how to enable it without an invite - The WhatsApp calling feature is finally here for everyone: and we really mean everyone this time. The most eagerly - anticipated Android feature we've seen in a long time is now rolling out everywhere - without any WhatsApp call ''invitation'' required. This is the moment … [Read more...]

Uninstall WhatsApp Plus or Get Ready for the Ban!

Uninstall WhatsApp Plus or Get Ready for the Ban - The famous Android messaging client, WhatsApp is getting serious over its Clone app i.e. WhatsApp Plus, which is becoming equally. famous these days among the users. The Facebook owned WhatsApp is believed to ban users who are found guilty on the basis of “Violation of Terms of Service” agreement. … [Read more...]

World Cup 2015 Schedule

Hurreee......... Hey Friends this is the time to watch world Cup. this post is specially for my cricket fans....... … [Read more...]

Google’s Great Online Shopping Festival 2014: Huge discounts and amazing deals on home decor

Great Online Shopping Festival 2014 offers you everything you ever wanted for your home. Get deals like never before.GOSF 2014 gives you widest range of home decor options. The products are of ultimate quality at unbeatable prices. Grab furnishing and decor for your home at huge discounts. You can get furniture at 50% off, lighting at 80% off, bed … [Read more...]

Google Online Shopping Festival (GOSF) 2014 loaded with discounts and offers for December sale

Google Online Shopping Festival (GOSF) will start on Wednesday with the website already engaging customers with games and lucky draws. The three day shopping festival by Google is expected to be a great time for shoppers with amazing offers being lined up. The much awaited sale has a wide range of products with more than 400 features on the website … [Read more...]

30 million Apple Watches in 2015 might be “conservative”, wearables could hit 1 billion in 2020

Recently, the official Wall Street investor estimates came out for the Apple Watch. The predictions said that Apple could sell anywhere from 10 to 30 million wearables in 2015. However, a new investor note from Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty is saying that even the high end of that estimate could be considered "conservative".The theory … [Read more...]

Google introduces Android 5.0 Lollipop

After months of speculation on what dessert would take on the “L” name for Android 5.0, Google has announced it will be called Lollipop. The latest version of Android has over 5,000 APIs and a new design approach called Material Design that is supposed to create a consistent feel across multiple devices including gadgets running Android Wear … [Read more...]

5 deals you need to check out on popular smartphones

we've shortlisted the best deals available on flagship smartphones. Read on, but make sure that if you like something, you buy it soon, because these devices are available in limited quantities, and with such enticing deals, are bound to go out of stock in a moment.LG Google Nexus 5, 16GBDeal price: Rs 25,740 (Offered exclusively … [Read more...]

Opera Mini will be available on Samsung Gear S

Here's one more reason why the Samsung's Galaxy Gear S will keep you looking at your wrist -- the Opera Mini web browser will be available for download from the Gear Apps store.According to Opera, the Mini is the first web browser for the Samsung smartwatch based on the Tizen platform. Opera Mini will have finger-friendly controls that work on … [Read more...]