Top 9 Facts About Wikipedia

Top 9 Facts About Wikipedia.Wikipedia is started in January 2001. JimmyDonal is the co- founder and promoter ofWikipedia. Read Also : Top 7 Free Android Apps - Download for FREEMake Invisible Folder In Windows 1. Wikipedia is non-profit organization.2. In Wikipedia anyone can sign up and become aWikipedia editor.3. In Wikipedia articles are … [Read more...]

Samsung Gear S: Massive curved screen, 3G and Wi-Fi, too (hands-on)

Samsung has added a new stablemate to the Gear smart watch range -- the 3G-enabled Gear S. Can the sixth smart watch in a year be the charm? I had a chance to try one up close,'s hard to tell. Beyond its eye-catching big curved screen, its success might hinge on price and whether or not anyone feels the need for 3G on a watch. But, … [Read more...]

The iPhone 5s tracks your movements for 4 days after the battery dies

For those of you who are concerned about privacy and big companies tracking you, the focus of those fears tend to be Google and Facebook, but it looks like you have to add Apple to the list as well. A new report is claiming that the iPhone 5s (and likely the new iPads that also feature the M7 coprocessor) can track your movements for up to 4 … [Read more...]

Micromax Canvas 2 Colors A120: Price, specifications, features and comparison

The Micromax Canvas 2 Colors A120 is the first smartphone in the company’s portfolio to give users a degree of customization. With swappable back panels, users can buy the device along with extra colored panels including Radiant Red, Vibrant Yellow, Splendid Green and Mystic Blue. This would make Micromax local brand to offer swappable back covers. … [Read more...]

Top 10 world famous Smartphone

In such age, the usage of smart phone has been increased on the daily base. Choosing of the smart phone is really dizzying, in this field people are gating confused that what type of smart phone they will have been chosen? There are top 10 smart phones short reviews which can help you to choose any one of it. Let us give you short review on … [Read more...]