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Top Of i Phone Apps For Women

Modern women have so many duties to cope with. They work, take care of children and household, do shopping, do different payments and many more. Modern women have so many duties to cope with. They work, take care of children and household, do shopping, do different payments and many more. And every woman wants to have an easier life, to do … [Read more...]

How to use your Android as a Webcam

Webcam is one of the best inventions which have bettered the online communication process. When you chat online with dear ones, you can’t do without a webcam because it helps us see each other. I have always loved it because I’ve not been lucky enough to stay with my family since I joined college. I know many of you are like me. Skype is our … [Read more...]

How To Root Samsung Galaxy Pop S5570

hello friends !!!!Its been 3 days since my last post since i was busy with my term exam...Now as per users request i am posting this tutorial for rooting your samsung galaxy pop Samsung Galaxy Pop is yet another budget Android phone just like the LG optimus Me or Samsung Galaxy Y. There has been an official update for this phone which lets you … [Read more...]

samsung galaxy s-2 plus and galaxy note 2,

Apple may have just released news of the iPhone 5 and the tech world is certainly abuzz but there is a new competitor on the block and its name is Samsung. Samsung is releasing the Galaxy Note 2 as well as the Samsung Galaxy SII plus. Both of these phones pack some heavy punches and adds something special to the cellular market. If you are … [Read more...]

Unlock Memory Card Password Trick

If you protect your memory card with password and forgot that after few day then step easy method How to unlock Memory card without software.Hacking or finding memory card password.Formatting corrupted memory card(but no guaranteed).There are many methods to find memory card password.Install and launch MMCPWD application. it … [Read more...]

Opera Mini Hidden Secret Config Setting

Opera mini is the No 1 web browser for Mobile phones. Almost everybody use Opera Mini as their Default web browser for their Phones. But many of you do not know how to access the “Secret settings” in Opera mini. This is like “God mode” in windows OS.To get access to this Hidden configuration settings in your Opera mini. Enter the following keywords … [Read more...]

Recharge Your Phone Battery Without Charger

Yes that’s true you can recharge your mobile phone battery without charger for a limited time.It is really annoying when you are away from home and your phone battery goes empty.If you are not carrying the charger the situation is more worse. What will you do if you have to make a call from your phone.There is an easy way without having to recharge … [Read more...]

How to Speed up Nokia Phone Modem

Many of you may use Nokia Phone to connect yourself to internet. Which uses 2G or 3G.This trick will help you in boosting the Internet speed of your Nokia Phone Modem by 100%.Connect your Nokia Phone modem to your PC and connect it to internet by using One Touch Access of Nokia PC suit.OTA status of the Nokia modem will be opened. Click … [Read more...]

Location-based Alerts on your Android

Setting location based reminders is very simple in android. The app is integrated with Google Maps and you can just tap a location on the map to set a reminder when you are around that place. You can create one-time alerts or configure it to repeat on particular days How do you locate your mobile phone if the ringer is off? Maybe you switched … [Read more...]