7 Must Have Windows Phone 7 Apps

Here are 7 best Windows Phone 7 apps. Windows phones are getting popularity day by day and with the launch of Nokia’s lumia series is a great contender to the market leaders- iOS and android. Contrary to what people expected, the Windows phone operating system looks real good as well as is packed with great applications for both entertainment … [Read more...]

Increase your Utorrent speed by 80%

Lets get started. If you dont have Utorrent, Download it from here www.utorrent.com Remember to increase torrent speed please disable firewall before you use it. Now Open it up and follow these screenshots tutorial: For connection setting I Here checked enable upnp port mapping, enable NAT-PMP port mapping and i use 45682 for random … [Read more...]

How To Boot A Tablet Android Booting Explained

Installing new os in android tablet will be a great fun to all.But many of us don’t know how to boot a tablet and install the latest firmware on it.In this post I will explain how to upgrade you tablet and have fun with it Steps:Turn off The TabletRemove Sd Card(Memmory Card)Put It In A Reader And Connect To PcFormat The Card with Fat32Copy … [Read more...]

Puzzled Block Game J2ME ML For S60 5th Edition Mobiles

 Puzzled Block game J2ME ML for S60 5th edition mobileswith over 250 levels no time limit imposed or ultra fast reflexes requires.Its also runs in nokia  5233 and nokia 5235 mobiles-: DOWNLOAD:-                                        … [Read more...]

Free Anti Theft Mobile Software

We all use mobile phones in our daily routine lives. But sometimes we realize that Oh my God! My phone is stolen. In that time we don't know what to do. But now we have the solution to recover or lock our mobile phones so that no one else can use it anymore. For more informations watch the attached video. This will tell you how to lock your … [Read more...]