Facebook Photo Verification Trick

I hope you will sure like this new trick of facebook photo verification . It is very big problem that when we open facebook account by different different device we will get facebook account blocked and can unlock with only one method “Facebook photo verification” This is very big difficulty that we can not remember all photos of our friends so if now your facebook account require to photo verification please try this amazing trick ‘Facebook photo verifications.
lets start:-
1st Trick

Step :1
Go to Google images search

Step :2
Type  facebook+”name” of 1st  friend” copy and paste from blocked account

Step :3
Search , you will see the  picture of the 1st friend in the  1st 3 results

Step :4
If you didn’t identify the picture, repeat the same

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Step :5

If you didn’t identify the friend, simply skip the picture  and you will get another one
(always you have 2 skips/ picture)

Step : 6
After you identify the 5 pictures facebook will ask you to  change your password and email  password

Step :7
Change your facebook account password and confirm that you change your email
password (even you don’t) 

Step :8
Now every thing is OK

Step :9
If you see this message(no verification method is available now) just logout and wait 1
hour to login,if you failed to verify the photos, facebook will
give you 1 chance to verify 5
pictures every 1 hour.

2nd Trick

Clear Facebook Photo Verification Lock Perfectly?

So when you will get notice after login to your account that your account is locked and need photo verification then go for it.
Step 1:) Click “Continue” on Please Verify Your Identity page.
Step 2:) Enter Cpatcha and then click “Continue” on Enter the Text Below page.
Step 3:) Click “Start” on Please Complete a Security Check page.
Step 4:) Now there it will show you some pic and then ask you to Enter your friend name and them them that who was tag in this pic? (There sometime they will give you also some friends name and you only have to choose the correct one from them.)
Step 5:) If you don’t know that who is in this pic then click I’m having trouble with this step link.
Step 6:) Here you will be redirect on Confirm Your Identity page.
Step 7:) There you have to click on submit a request page.
Step 8:) After going on new page, Enter the required data there that Facebook want and click Send.
Step 9:) Now wait fore few days and keep checking your email account that you added in Facebook while creating.
Step 10:) They will personally contact you and open your account.
Tip:) If you are not getting some friends name to choose the correct one from them in Step 4 then you can try Facebook Android Apps. There they will must give you the some option to choose and chose the right on if you got that. This tip is for those who nearly have known that who is in this image and want confirmation.
Enjoy Guys! and don’t forget to post your comments. © MyTricksTime.com

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