Fraud Protection:How To Prevent Scam While Buying Online

These days fake online sites have caused a havoc in today’s society. So in todays world internet safety tips are a must to know. Whenever we buy things like tickets, Televisions or other household and electronic items, we all get attracted towards the discount these scam selling sites give and suffer just because of the online shopping fraud. But it has always been the nature of human beings that they get attracted towards things which are good but cheap. The online shopping tips I am going to show you will protect your identity online and keep you safe.
They always need service more than what they can get. This nature of man can never be changed and even there is no need to change it because today I have dicided to share you some online safety tips which will make you aware of the sites which are fake and which sites you should not share your information with and be used to protection.
So here are the precautions which you should take to be smart and secure from the websites which are fake and prevent internet Froud:
  • Contact the consumer site
If you are confused about if the website is selling fake items but it is safe by other means or ways then try to contact the consumer site of your county as they will give you the best and the most reliable website to shop from. For example I live in UK and whenever I feel a little confused about the website I always go to the consumer site of UK where I get the best information and on which I can rely on. If they dont have any idea about the site you are referring to try preventing such websites as they might not be secure. This is one way to be protected from online fraudWith the information of consumer site you can also report online fraud.

  • See if the URL of the website contains ‘https’
  • This precaution is one of the best  precautions as it is easy and can be seen by everyone. ‘HTTPS’ is a must for if you are buying online. Before giving you your Credit card details see if the URL is containing HTTPS or not. Even if it has HTTP but not ‘S’ with it then the website might not be safe to share your information with. Always try to prevent the sites which dont seem safe or which do not have HTTPS in their URLs.

  • Get the details of the website
Before buying anything from any website gret to know more about the website by giving them a phone call or by sending them an e-mail and asking them about the products they sell or to get a catalog of their products. If the reply to the email is worth understanding and believing, only then think think about buying from the site.And also look for the address of the original office.
Keep an Up-to-date antvirus and firewall working on your computer as it will instantly inform you if anything is disturbing the firewall or if any virus has been trying to connect to the internet.

  • Dont forget to log out of websites
When you log into any website containing your personal information never forget to sign out of the website before you close the browser as if someone else sits on your computer and opens the same website, your account will open directly because you had not signed out of the website . This trick is very optional if you are using a public computer or in a cyber cafe.

  • Third party approval is a must
The site on which you are thinking to shop should be approved ny a third party so that you are satisfied that you are spending money on a secure website.

  • Contact the forum for instance
If you have time and can research about the website dont forget to go through the Forums as there you will find information which people have already experienced and can rely on what they say.

  • Try using virtual keyboard wherever possible
If you Buy anything online from a cyber cafe, never use the physical keyboard. Instead use the virtual keyboard for which you can refer online privacy tricks.
These were the important precautions which should be taken for your own safety for buying online tickets for shows, movies orvirtual keyboard other products. If you follow all the tips given above you can be safe from internet scams.
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