Free download Facebook Video Player(for Chrome): Watch Videos & Continue Reading Posts

Watching videos on Facebook can become really frustrating at times. You play a video, and have to remain stuck at the same part of the page until it finishes, since if you scroll away to continue your social activities on Facebook, you lose sight of the video. Facebook Video Player is an extension for Google Chrome that enhances your video-watching experience on the social-networking giant by allowing you to play Facebook videos in a fixed location, to the right side of the page. Using this extension, you no longer have to pause your commenting or wall-posting, since you’ll always have the video in front of you. More after the break.
Once you’ve installed the extension, it automatically starts working when you play a video on Facebook. The video will be displayed in a fixed block to the right of the page, along with support for multiple videos. While you can continue to browse Facebook and watch the videos at the same time, if you decide to close a video, just hit the cross displayed on top of the video.

Facebook Video Player for Chrome may find particular popularity among the video buffs on the said website. This is the initial version of the extension, so we can expect quite a lot of new features in future releases. The link below will find this free extension for you in Chrome Web Store.
Install Facebook Video Player For Chrome

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