Have you used Microsoft security essential and Internet explorer 9

Hi friends, Microsoft security essential and Internet explorer both are free, and can be downloaded from microsoft site, But how many of you have installed them. Because you don’t trust microsoft products for virus security and browsing. But now microsoft has done some implementation in these products. Yesterday I downloaded and installed both software on my PC and both are working well, even I am writing this post in IE9.

About Microsoft security essential-If you are using a trial version of antivirus or a free antivirus or don’t want to waste money in purchasing a license version Microsoft security essential is for you. It’s work like a antivirus……No, No, No what i am saying Its a antivirus but it works so quitly and smoothly, so you don’t realize you have installed a antivirus software.Microsoft Security Essentials provides real-time protection for your home PC that guards against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.
Download Here 

Internet Explorer 9- IE9 look like google chrome, What to say about IE9 every browser now comes in the shape of Google chrome, No toolbar, No bigger space consuming menu and fast. IE9 is the first browser from microsoft that I liked otherwise I hate IE(Always show the message IE is not responding and crashed)
Microsoft has done some implement to make it stable and fast after a long time when they saw themselves disappeared from browser market.Tab management in IE9 has a few new touches, including the ability to tear off tabs and drag them into a new window or dock them to the side of the display. You will find ask.com and bing as a default search provider, One of them is full of ads and second doesn’t work well. You will find many new features when you use it like pinned shortcut or warning in the bottom. The most important thing microsoft says It supports HTML 5. Let’s wait  for a stable release.
Download here

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