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How to Post Facebook Colourful comments and status

Hi friends,
MyTricksTime team bring a latest trick for you.
Now you can type colourful in Facebook &  You can use these codes on Facebook comments, status &  chat also
Just copy below code and post…

A= [[f9.cha]]
B= [[f9.chb]]
C= [[f9.chc]]
D= [[f9.chd]]
E= [[f9.che]]
F= [[f9.chf]]
G= [[f9.chg]]
H= [[f9.chh]]
I= [[f9.chi]]
J= [[f9.chj]]
K= [[f9.chk]]
L= [[f9.chl]]
M= [[f9.chm]]
N= [[f9.chn]]
O= [[f9.cho]]
P= [[f9.chp]]
Q= [[f9.chq]]
R= [[f9.chr]]
S= [[f9.chs]]
T= [[f9.cht]]
U= [[f9.chu]]
V= [[f9.chv]]
W= [[f9.chw]]
X= [[f9.chx]]
Y= [[f9.chy]]
Z= [[f9.chz]]
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  • Sam Verma

    plz help me to open my fb id i doesn't open many time but i have to open it urgently but now i forget the pass. and the primary email add. is closed by me and the no. is also, i can't recover it so plz help me