How To Recover Hack Gmail Account | What to Do When Your Gmail Account is Hacked

How To Recover Hack Gmail Account - What to Do When Your Gmail Account is Hacked

How To Recover Hack Gmail Account and What to Do When Your Gmail Account is Hacked. The first thing when our gmail account by someone. It can be a create big problem because of it may be associated with several google services like Blogger, Analytics, Adwords, Adsense etc. When you loose access of your Gmail it mean you are loosing many services which you are using with your gmail. so we think to post about this article. Below you will get list of possible recovery actions that you can try to get back your Gmail account.

How To Recover Hack Gmail Account
What to Do When Your Gmail Account is Hacked

Many bad peoples making many lives difficult by doing hacking. Hacking improve 10 times more since the Internet became popular. Today in this article we are talking about How to recover hacked Gmail account or what to do If your Gmail account being hacked. If someone hacks and takes control of your email account , It’s like a real real nightmare right ?

In Your Gmail Account may contain confidential information like Bank logins, credit cards details , Social login details and many more other sensitive data which you don’t want to share with any one. So I’ll recommended you to read our article about how to make strong password and make your password unique to make


Step – 1

Before going to do any thing you have to try to reset your password first. Trying to reset your password is the easiest way to get back your account.When you will try to reset password Google may ask you to answer the secret question or may send the password reset details to the secondary email address associated with your hacked/compromised account. Here we are giving below direct link. Following below link you will be on password reset page where you can reset your password.

Gmail Password Reset Link


Step – 2

In case above step 1 is not worked for you. Its happening may be because of the reason that the hacker changed the secret question and secondary email address right after the hack account. This is the reason for the Password Reset process to fail. Then follow this process and you should contact the Gmail support team by filling out the account recovery form. This form will ask you to fill out several questions like below.

  • Your Gmail Account created date.
  • Your last Gmail successful login date.
  • Last Gmail password that you remember and many more.
  • Email addresses of up to five frequently emailed contacts.
  • List of other services associated with your hacked account.
  • Names of any 4 Labels that you may have created in your account.

You need to fill out this Account recovery form as much accurate as possible. It is obvious to forget the dates of last login, account creation and similar terms. However, you need to figure out the closest possible date/answers and fill out this form. This is your last chance! The more accurate the information filled out in the recovery form, the more the chances of getting your account back. You may reach the account recovery page from the following link below.


Account Recovery Form

Hope it will be helpful for you.

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