Awesome New Google Search Style Search Bar For Blogger

I'm sure you will have noticed the new Google design as covered in the post Evolving the Google design and experience on the official Google blog.While the changes have been subtle some stand out like the new sleek search bar on results pages.The new search bar has a more modern minimalist look with rounded corners and hover … [Read more...]

A Unique Style Drop Down Bar Navigation Menu For Blogger

n this post i have a very cool and in many ways unique type of Css drop down menu for Blogger.The regular drop down menu we are used to seeing will when a link is hovered over display more links vertically below.This menu however is known as a 'Drop Bar' as on hover it displays links horizontally in a bar below the menu.I had been looking for … [Read more...]

Have you used Microsoft security essential and Internet explorer 9

Hi friends, Microsoft security essential and Internet explorer both are free, and can be downloaded from microsoft site, But how many of you have installed them. Because you don't trust microsoft products for virus security and browsing. But now microsoft has done some implementation in these products. Yesterday I downloaded and installed both … [Read more...]

Convert FAT or FAT32 File system into NTFS

You can increase the performance of your computer using NTFS (New Technology File System) hard drive volume with windows XP, because this advance file system provides some extra features, for example security, reliability, file encryption and Compression features.But if you are still using old file systems like FAT or FAT32, you can covert it into … [Read more...]

Create your computer password recovery disk

If you are using Windows XP, you can create the windows password reset disk. This password-reset disk will help you to log on to your computer when you forget the computer password.But if you forget your windows password and don't have any password recovery or password reset disk then you will have to reinstall the windows XP on your computer … [Read more...]