Flexible Led USB Light at cheap price

Hello Guys, We again find a good offer for you, In this offer, you will get Flexible Led USB Light at cheap price Rs.200 at just Rs.49 only.This is a Flexible USB light which you can move as per your use. This Flexible USB Light is easily plugs into your computer or laptop or even a power banks USB port and provides ample light for reading books or … [Read more...]

How to Type Bold, Italic and Strikethrough on WhatsApp

Before a few days ago WhatsApp comes with a new feature. After this update, you can Type Bold, Italic and Strikethrough on WhatsApp reply to your friends. Only If you have updated to the latest WhatsApp version then you will able to type Bold, Italic and Strikethrough. Typing Rich text in your WhatsApp is absolutely A Piece of Cake. So lets talk … [Read more...]

How to remove shortcut virus from pendrive ?

Shortcut Viruses is a common problem for most of us and because of these many time, we lost out important data. today MyTricksTime come with a solution to this problem. Yes, now you can remove shortcut virus without any antivirus software and keep your files safe and make your computer faster. Here we posted to remove shortcut virus so check out … [Read more...]

How to Clear Cache in Chrome – Super Fast way

How to Clear Cache in Chrome – Super Fast way - You already know about Google Chrome. The fastest browser in the world to use different internet services but do know why is faster than other browsers? Actually, google chrome automatically store any type of website data while you browse or open any website. You can also check this by doing this … [Read more...]

WhatsApp Gets Legal Notice by an Indian Advocate

As we know now a days an app in in almost every multimedia phone which name is WhatsApp. WhatsApp is being biggest messaging app and lots of people loved to use this in and have millions users in India. WhatsApp gets legal notice from an Indian lawyer. The Lawyer who practices in city courts in Delhi named … [Read more...]