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how to update facebook status and twitter at the same time

hey faceboockers and twiters HaPpY DaY for you, i think this articles can be make you happy. because you didn't need many time for updates your facebook status and your tweet. Now you can updates your facebook and twitter status at the same time. with it you didn't need to open 2 site. you just open your facebook and if you upsate your … [Read more...]

How to change your Birthday Date on Facebook

It happens with majority of people that they write wrong Date of Birth while Sign up for Facebook as they don't want to reveal their true age to any person over web.Their are many reasons for doing so.Some of us accidently write the wrong Birthday date.Facebook don't allow their user to change their Birthday date after Sign up.As … [Read more...]

Customizing Your Pen Drive as RAM

One of the best ways of using Pen Drive is as a temporary storage device i.e. RAM for our system, to increase the general boot up speed and also operational speed of the system. It can be possible with any kind of Windows operating system, all you need is a pen drive of minimum 1GB memory.How to Customizing … [Read more...]

PixelPoke Web Hosting Adviser

Web Hosting AdviserAre you planning to start your own website or blog? Then go for which is a best well known hosting review website adviser contains reviews and prices of top web hosting services on the internet. All most all types of services like VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting, Shared hosting will … [Read more...]

How To Create and Track Google Analytics Campaigns

How To Create and Track Google Analytics CampaignsGoogle Analytics is no doubt the No.1 Website Analytics service. It provides enterprise class services to its users at free of cost. Later in 2005, Google bought the Urchin Tracking Service and re-labeled it as Google Analytics. Nowadays, there is no website who doesn’t use the … [Read more...]

Top 5 Web Traffic Analytics Tools

Top 5 Web Traffic Analytics ToolsWeb Traffic Analytics Tools are a great help for all of us who wish to keep their sites updated and be aware of the visitor statistics, which can help in defining goals and eventually result in growth of the website. Here in these post i m reviewing the top 5 web traffic analytics toolswhich are availabe … [Read more...]

Top 10 Best Affiliate Networks

Top 10 Best Affiliate NetworksFor all the bloggers and other enthusiasts who want to earn some extra cash without doing any much efforts then affiliate network marketing programs are for you. This program requires a little bit ofcreativity and skills from your end and soon you will be earning a handsome amount of cash. Here are … [Read more...]

Top 10 Cell in The World in year 2011

Top ten mobile phones-Listed by Nexusons News Paper1.Motorola Droid2.Apple Iphone3.Samsung Intercept4.Blackberry 97005.Motorola Droid X6.Blackberry 96307.Blackberry 96508.Samsung SPH-M9009.Blackberry 852010.Blackberry 8900 … [Read more...]

7 Nokia Secret Codes For You

Here's the top most seven Nokia mobile phone secret codes for cell phone lovers who want to touch up things easily. Just type the codes as shown below then you will get the result in real timeCodes:*#06# -To check your mobile IMEI *#000#  - To check Your mobile software version*#2820# - Find Bluetooth device address*#746025625# - Sim … [Read more...]