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5 Best Application For Type Cool and Fancy Font In Whatsapp

5 Best Application For Type Cool and Fancy Font In WhatsappNow a days social networks craze is increasing day by day. if i talking about my self so i get up and checkout my cell phone and checkout my WhatsApp messages and dp. then I start my routine work. in whole day I use internet many time. If you are also use internet Like Me? then you are also … [Read more...]

7 Android Phones with 3G Connectivity Below Rs. 3000 in India

7 Android Phones with 3G Connectivity Below Rs. 3000We all know today many android mobile phone available in market  with different price range. some is in our budget and many of them out of our budget. so today i am going to tell you about some cheapest price range android mobile phone in India. don't worry their price cheapest only but their … [Read more...]

Methods to use Multiple Whatsapp Account in single Android Phone

What if you could use multiple Whatsapp account on a single smartphone ? Wouldn’t it be a great experience operating different accounts on a smartphone? This Whatsapp trick described in this post will help you know how to use multiple whatsapp account on Android.There are basically two methods to do so, the first one … [Read more...]

How to Remove Your Mobile Number & Contact Details from Truecaller ?

Truecaller has become one of the most popular Android App and a trusted mobile directory where people can find the name of an unknown number if it exist in its directory. Truecaller has been like a boon for some people who were first just harassed by some unknown numbers but at the same time there are people who don’t … [Read more...]

Top 10 Best iPhone Apps of 2014 Free Download

Apps store is full of games and app, its really very hard to find out which apps are good and which are just junks, In this post we will list out all best apps  of year 2014 and we also update this list every week by which you will never miss out any apps/games.Read Also:The iPhone 5s tracks your movements for 4 days after the battery … [Read more...]

How to Update Facebook Status via Devices Apps?

Have you ever wondered to update your Facebook status via IPhone, Blackberry without any devices? Sometime you would have seen your friend’s status via blackberry, IPhone and other devices and you also want to update your status like that but you don’t have any devices then what would you do. Today I am going to share the trick to update your … [Read more...]

Microsoft Band is a seriously smart fitness tracker (hands-on)

Everyone in the world has a wearable these days, and now it's Microsoft's turn. The Microsoft Band is now available after a surprise debut last night. Available only in the US for now, it costs $199, and works on Android, iPhones, and Windows Phone devices alike. It's a fitness band. But it also has smart features. It tracks heart rate, too. … [Read more...]

Samsung Gear S: Massive curved screen, 3G and Wi-Fi, too (hands-on)

Samsung has added a new stablemate to the Gear smart watch range -- the 3G-enabled Gear S. Can the sixth smart watch in a year be the charm? I had a chance to try one up close,'s hard to tell. Beyond its eye-catching big curved screen, its success might hinge on price and whether or not anyone feels the need for 3G on a watch. But, … [Read more...]

How To Stream Video and Music From PC To Android

Today we will take a look at one of the ways to stream video and audio over WiFi to your Android China phone from your PC or Mac computer. This will work for all Android versions including Froyo 2.2, Gingerbread 2.3, Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0, Jelly Bean 4.2 4.3 and KitKat 4.4. It will work across all MediaTek / MTK devices and allow you to watch … [Read more...]