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5 Best Free Online Video chatting services

As we all know that video chat is always batter then normal text chatting. Many website provide video chat services. many paid services and may free. So in this article we find 5 Best Free Online Video chatting services for you where you can enjoy chatting also you don't need to pay any single rupee. So checkout below we mentioned are top five … [Read more...]

How To Turn ON/OFF Auto Refresh Feature In Internet Explorer?

Many of us don't use Internet explorer, but many professionals like to use their official work via Internet Explorer. While surfing we fond many website which we need to refresh in some time for that we have to click refresh page. every time for new update. So we resolve this issue you can enable auto refresh feature in your browser. So when you … [Read more...]

Create Shortcut for Shutdown Your Computer

Create Shortcut for Shutdown Your Computer : I think every windows user know about shortcuts. Shortcuts is that icons, which you usually see on their desktop or any other location. We use Shortcuts to open particular file, program or folder. In This Trick you will learn how you can Create Shortcut for Shutdown Your Computer. After doing this you … [Read more...]

How To Make Single Name Account On Facebook

Now a days Facebook become is a biggest social media site and its become more popular then Google+ or Twitter. Facebook usages daily by millions of users. We found many Facebook tricks but reality is about Facebook tricks is that all Facebook tricks and facts like Facebook chat code tricks but there we found many are spam which may attack your … [Read more...]

Send Audio Message in Comment or Inbox Messages On Facebook via PC / Laptop

How to send voice message on fcaebook Hi Friends, Today I'll let you know how you can send a voice message or voice comment on Facebook. Facebook voice messages option shows only in facebook messenger in mobiles but its not show in PC or Laptops. but now with this trick you can do this thing also. yes its true now you can able to send voice … [Read more...]

How to download torrents from Nokia mobile

Nokia is one is the most popular mobile phone company in all over world. many of use using their mobile or we have but not using yet. Before android the most popular OS which is used in nokia mobile named symbian. In this Os Nokia doesn't have an inbuilt application to download torrent. most of the people don't know that How to download torrents … [Read more...]