Top 10 world famous Smartphone

In such age, the usage of smart phone has been increased on the daily base. Choosing of the smart phone is really dizzying, in this field people are gating confused that what type of smart phone they will have been chosen? There are top 10 smart phones short reviews which can help you to choose any one of it. Let us give you short review on them.

1.    Samsung Galaxy S 3
When we are talking about the Gaalaxy s3, despite of its features it is the well designed and showing high performance with in all features and specifications. It every feature is top class.

2.    DROID RAZR HD (Motorola)

Its display, processor, battery, everything is impressive which make Droid Razr HD (Motorola), it is the top smart phone.

3.    Galaxy Note II (Samsung)

It is the standout Smartphone which have outstanding specs; its size is awesome which make it different and special.

4.    Apple iPhone 5

When you are going through iphone 5 then you have to get very vast processor which will support the LTE networking. When you are seen the last iphone then you will see its latest version which is more impressive.

5.    Nokia Lumia 920

When talking about the lumia 920, such handset has the awesome technology with awesome camera result also. Window phone 8 pin is also used by it, it has draw back apps which add you to add some more apps on it.

6.    HTC Droid DNA

It has the best screen as compared to other mobile device, but the suffer battery it has which bloat itself.

7.    Google Nexus 4

It is the most powerful with low price, it does betray disappointed.

8.    Apple iPhone 4S 16GB

It has not more excited update with the improving camera, fast performance and more top ranking features also.

9.    HTC One S

It is multimedia phone with the unlimited features, it has full of features, music, photos, videos, and many more.

10.    Galaxy Ace Plus S7500 (Samsung)

The most preferred selection of smart phone technical recently. Some of these cell phones will stick for a while in our all-time positions.

You could view the short overview on the top 10 Smartphone, which you have to use in your daily routine, such review will useful for you, and you will easily choose one of such set. It is needless, that such all devices have their own features and specification

Enjoy Guys! and don’t forget to post your comments. ©

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