3 Disadvantages of a postpaid sim contract

One question that bothers most people when it comes to determining which mobile option to go for is that of whether to go for a postpaid option or a prepaid option.
Personally, I’ve been in the mobile space for sometimes now, and I’ve been able to study the effects of going for either a prepaid or postpaid plan. The prepaid option is obviously the most popular in most parts of the world today, but a lot more people are starting to go the postpaid route. While going for a postpaid SIM contract has its benefits, I also think there are some of its dangers you need to be aware of before taking your first step towards it. If you’re about to decide whether a postpaid plan is right for you or not, this article will be showing you some of the major disadvantages of a postpaid SIM contract.
You Pay Whether You Use the Service or Not
The first disadvantage to going for a postpaid SIM card option is that you will still pay whether you use the services you’re offered or not. In other words, unlike a prepaid SIM option, if you’re allotted 2,000 calling minutes and 5,000 SMS text messages for $80 every month; it doesn’t matter whether you used only 10 calling minutes and 0 SMSs, or whether you used every calling minute and SMS text message, you will still have to pay the same $80 you’re paying every month. If you’re on a prepaid option you only pay when you use the services so you have little to nothing to worry about.
Of course, this can also be an advantage if you’re someone who makes a lot of calls and sends a lot of messages, but you also have to think about the consequences before making a decision.
You Have to Sign a “Long Term Contract”
Another disadvantage of going for a postpaid SIM option is that you have to sign a long term contract if you are to go for a standard contract. The only alternative to this that can help you reduce your contract period is going for a SIM Only option; Of course, there are various SIM Only options such as the SIM Only with dataplan, and the SIM Only unlimited plan, so you have nothing to worry about should you decide to go for SIM Only.
In other words, the only way to avoid going for a long term postpaid contact is by going the SIM Only route.
The Fees Can Sometimes be Hefty

This can also be a major problem you have to battle if you decide to go for a postpaid plan. Most postpaid companies will give you a mobile phone when you sign a contract with them, and as a result you will have to pay hundreds of dollars every month to help offset the cost of your mobile phone. Another way a postpaid plan can be pretty expensive is due to the fact that you will be charged a fixed rate, irrespective of how you use the service.Enjoy Guys! and don’t forget to post your comments. © MyTricksTime.com

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