30 Best Status Updates – Facebook & WhatsApp

30 Best Status Updates - Facebook & WhatsAppHello Reader today we come with this post here we are sharing 30 Best Status Updates – Facebook & WhatsApp. We are not saying that below status updates are the best in the world, but it could be the right thing for you. Which you can post on your Facebook and WhatsApp. We are posted this and saying these are best because may be you are feeling or experiencing the same thing like below status said that matches with your mind and feeling right now, We think so. We know how important your facebook for you so we also share about how you can Increase Protection/Security of Your Facebook AccountThe satisfactory isn’t always handiest method too right, or the maximum true, however it’s far some thing that we sense allright in the intervening time that we are respect it with grateful and satisfied emotions. you know there may be not the fine feeling like that, properly right here they’re 30 the first-class repute updates for your Facebook and WhatsApp.

30 Best Status Updates – Facebook & WhatsApp

Below we are sharing 30 Best status updates for Facebook & Whatsapp. We also share earlier about Change your Friend profile picture on WhatsApp It’s a fun thing which you can do to shock your friends. So now let check below status and don’t for forget to say which one you like most in comment section.

Status 1

  • Be yourself… No matter what other human think. God made you the way you are for a reason. Besides & original is always worth more than a copy! <3

Status 2

  • Never expect, never assume and never believe in words alone! Because it’s the action that counts after all.

Status 3

  • God allows everything to happen for a reason. Circumstances will either direct you, correct you, or perfect you.

Status 4

  • Be happy with what you have. While working for what you want. Remember, a happy and successful life begins with God and ends for God.

Status 5

  • Real friends never leave each other, never part. They just sometimes sit silently, Deep inside each other’s heart saying, “I’m here when you need me.”

Status 6

  • There’s a story behind every person. There’s a reason why they’re the way they are. Stop judging. You’re not in their shoes, you won’t understand.

Status 7

  • Sometimes we are like stars. We fall to make someone’s wish come true.

Status 8

  • A boy’s eye is faster than Google in searching a girl in a crowd. 😀

Status 9

  • No one would ever understand you until they have been in your position. 🙂

Status 10

  • Never FORCE someone to love you… Let that person perfectly FALL. ♥

Status 11

  • I want an honest relationship. No Lies. No Mind Games. No Cheating.

Status 12

  • It’s Facebook/WhatsApp that made me realize that I “Like” so many things 🙂

Status 13

  • Don’t only be close with someone who makes you HaPpY ,be close with someone who CAN’T be happy without you. It makes a lot of difference in life.

Status 14

  • Be yourself… because life is too short to be someone else…live the life u dream of…fight for what u desire & never give up.

Status 15

When you have to make a hard decision, flip a coin. Why? Because When that coin is in the air, you suddenly know what you’re hoping for.

Status 16

  • walk in my shoes please and you’ll see why i am the way i am. i am not mean, i have just learned the lessons in life quicker than you.

Status 17

  • I was once afraid of people saying, “Who does he think he is?” Now I have the courage to stand and say, “This is who I am”.

Status 18

  • We live in a world where losing your iPhone is more dramatic than losing your v!rginity. :p

Status 19

  • Making millions of friends is not an achievement,the achievement is to make a friend who stands with you when millions are against you!

Status 20

  • You can’t go back & make a new start but You can start now & make a new END. 🙂

Status 21

  • Value everything you have. someday you might realize the thing you threw away might be the very thing you would miss when it’s already taken by somebody else.

Status 22

  • And sometimes, against all odds, against all logic, We still hope. ♥

Status 23

  • Having few true friends is better than having a large network of pretentious friends. Quality beats Quantity all the time! 🙂

Status 24

  • I may not be the one who loved you from the start, but I’ll always be the one who loves you most.

Status 25

  • Don’t be sad if a person prefers another person over you. Because You can’t convince a monkey that honey is sweeter than a banana. 😀

Status 26

  • Laugh at your mistakes but learn from them. Joke at your troubles but gather strength from them. Have fun with your difficulties, but overcome them. That is life!

Status 27

  • Do not look back and grieve over the past, for it is gone. Live in the present, and make it so beautiful that it will be worth looking back at

Status 28

  • Love isn’t when you can name a million things about the person. Love is when you can’t even find words to describe how you feel about them.

Status 29

  • always Successful people always have two things on their lips,”silence & smile” Smile to solve the problem.And silence to avoid the problem.

Status 30

  • Throw all the problems I faced, the burden on my shoulder, the pain in my heart. I’ve got one thing to say. I survived

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