5 Cool Whatsapp Tips & Tricks For 2015

Hello Guys, Hope every one fine and enjoying our Blog posts. Today we are going to share with you 5 tips to use whatsapp Wisely. Because you know this day whatsapp is very popular social app and every one prefer This. So we are thinking to share some tips who is very useful to all whatsapp users. Some of the tip you know but some of you do’t know so i am going to list all below Read it apply it and enjoy.

1- Hide Last seen In whatsapp Chat

So if you do’t want to show that you read message notification on sender then we have a solution Download Hide stats app from play store it helps to hide read stats to sender. Actually hide stats app close the net connection when you open whatsapp and when you close whatsapp net connection is on it means you can read message without showing that you read this to sender.
There is lots more apps in play store but you can try this.

2-Trick To stop sending whatsapp Images to Gallery

You love whatsapp because there is image and video sharing option in whatsapp use to this you receive lots of photos and videos from friends. And there is some photos and videos who is private means you can’t show publically , in whatsapp all images and videos directly showing in gallery Which is seen by any one, Means your privacy at risk.
So if you do’t want to show images and videos in GALLERY then here is a post from that you can know 
How To Hide WhatsApp Images, Videos and Audios From Android

3-How To Check Who All Seen Your Group Message:

The concept of Blue Tick in Whatsapp group is not present currently. Now here is the only arrangement of single tick. In the group you can not know which person see or read your message.
So knowing who read your messages whatsapp inbuilt this features but very few people know this. To knowing read stats of message hold your message now you see the (i) button on top will appear. Click on it, you will know which members of the group and who does not have to read your message. Identify and try to ignore those leg-pulling. They will also shocked. 

4-On Whatsapp You Online But Number is Off Trick:

Any time you can change your whatsapp number. For this you do not need to install and then delete whatsapp. To change your number Go to whatsapp setting. Then “Account” and then “Change the number in ‘. Simply enter the new number to Verified. Remember that the number of display is only whatsapp number.And it is switch off or another number for safety or prank.
This trick is very helpful who do’t want to share there personal number to any one This is Best for Girls , You can easily give your number with them who do’t want to share personal number ,if in future you like you share personal number.     

5-Who’s Your Whatsapp Friend

If you are interested in statistics, you will like it. Is an application WhatStat. Whatsapp your friends to help you see the whole track. For instance, this is what your Top Friends or top group or what time of day or how many percent Whatsapp are most active just delivered the message to the rest, things like that.

Guys you all know recently whatsapp update last seen features with blue tick option when you read the message the sender see the double blue tick in message it means message is read by viewer. This is very cool features but some time it is not useful like we do’t want to tell sender that i read your message or do’t want to reply.
Enjoy Guys! and don’t forget to post your comments. © MyTricksTime.com
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