5 Things to Check before Buying a New Laptop

5 Things to Check before Buying a New LaptopWe are living where we like to use these things which we can carry easily. That’s why new thing is coming in portable size and feature. Here we are talking about computer, everyone knows about computer and using this for many things. We are growing too fast and we are seeing here revolution in computers. In this revolution computer makes portable and easy to use. Today we don’t like to use to call Portable computer we call laptop. and here is 5 things to check before buying a new laptop.

5 Things to Check before Buying a New Laptop

Here we are sharing what 5 things to check before buying a new laptop.  So let’s checkout below what things we should remember before buying new laptop.

Technical Specifications :-

5 Things to Check before Buying a New Laptop - TechinicalTechnical specification is the first and main point which you must check before buying a new laptop. In Technical Specifications in taking about RAM, Processor, Hard Disk, Graphic Card and all other stuff which is bundled coming with that laptop. If you asked to me I’ll recommended to buy a laptop which come with At least 4GB RAM, 500GB Hard Disk , i5 Processor and at least 1GB Graphic Card should be in a good laptop. All above stuff will help your computer to performance batter and make your experience best.


Size – Weight – Durability :-

5 Things to Check before Buying a New Laptop - size - weightSize – You should check thing on priority. Size of your laptop not should be too big which. It’s because big size is annoying to carry and care.
Weight – It’s not should be too heavy because you will not like to carry heavy things every time when you go to School, Collage, Office or anywhere else.
Durability – You also need to check Durability of laptop before buy. It’s Because If you are a student then you have to take a good Durability laptop. It’s because many time don’t care too much about dust or thrown a beg when we come to School or college. It can be damage your hard disk and you may lost your data. If you are a field workman and always use your laptop on fields, then I’ll Recommended you to buy a Commercial Laptop which specially makes for Field work users.


Battery Life :

5 Things to Check before Buying a New Laptop - batteryI’ll say only one thing about it, when you go to purchase a new mobile or gadget on that time why you think about battery life. The same thing you should think here. If you purchase a low battery life gadget or laptop then you will always worry about to find a plugged where you can give your laptop batter charged up. And If you travel many time with your laptop then you don’t forget to check this thing. We also sharing earlier how to increase battery backup of laptop. Which help you to make your laptop battery preform batter.


Overall Look :

5 Things to Check before Buying a New Laptop - LookLook everyone like to see their laptop look and forget to checked technical specification. If you checked Technical specification then you should check that your laptop look. It should be impressive and thin and sleek for perfect look. And you can carry easily.  If you talk about me I don’t think too much about look. I only see technical specification which can be best so my work will not stop.


Price Matters :

5 Things to Check before Buying a New Laptop - priceIf you satisfy all things which we showing above then it is time to check price. If you satisfy with price then it’s good but approx 95% un-satisfy with price and trying to find another one option (laptop). If you are also one of them 95% people then I’ll suggest you to check price with technical specification and other things which is showing above. And you also should taking a note of price with side by side. Then you will get best laptop which you want to buy.

All of these 5 Things to Check before Buying a New Laptop according to me which were mention above. You must consideration before buying a new laptop. If you will take care of all of 5 points you will get your best laptop and you don’t need to invest in laptops in future again. Have any question then please feel free to ask in comment section below.

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