6 Free File Recovery Softwares for Windows

6 Free File Recovery Softwares for Windows
6 Free File Recovery Softwares for Windows

Hi, I recently  performed a PC recovery by a mistake then i lost some important files from my computer.So i searched for some data recovery software’s and found these are best  for recovering lost data from hard disk. Most of them are free to download and use. (download links are also provided)

IMPORTANT:Always install and run data recovery software’s from an external or separate disk drive. If you feel your data extreme important, then contact any data recovery expert.

If you need to perform data or file recovery

  • Back up all data
  • Do not defragment your storage device before file or data recovery
  • Do not copy any thing to the device that has to be perform data, file recovery
  • Do not install or uninstall any new software’s before data recovery
  • Do not run any software’s unnecessarily
This application Quickly recover all deleted data, files from your hard
drive or flash drive..etc
Size:3.66 MB
Download Undelete Plus


UndeleteMyFiles is a FREE data recovery software that recover deleted files from  CF and SD cards ,USB flash drives and other storage media.
Size:1.96 MB


This is a free software that supports FAT 12/16/32 and NTFS file systems.This program can be used to recover boot sector files and is one of the best tool for hard drive data recovery.
Size:5.83 MB


Recuva is a freeware utility that restores files that have been deleted from your hard disk drive.It’s small in size  and is portable.
Size:3.58 MB

5.Pandora Recovery

This free utility allows us to find deleted,encrypted files,movies,documents..etc and restore them.
Size:3.11 MB


An easy to use tool to recover file s that are accidentally deleted from computers.
size:229 KB

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