6 Ways To Manage Your Blogging Schedule

here is no answer for a question like this “how often you blog”. But it is the blogger who must know how often he/she can blog in order to plan his schedule in order to optimize the time he have. There are many bloggers whose primary activity is other than blogging. So it is a good idea to manage one’s blogging schedule upfront.

1. Prepare a posting schedule

Many of us procrastinate that there is hardly any time for blogging due their daily busy schedule. It is the duty of the blogger to find some time for blogging. One can find sufficient time even for blogging; all he has to do is prepare some time schedule (in advance). The blogger has to budget how often he will blog, how much free time is available and how long he will blog posts. Depending upon all the above criteria one can prepare a posting schedule and manage their time efficiently and effectively.

2.Take help from others

Bloggers whose primary activity is other than blogging finds little bit of time for blogging and maintain their blog. It is a very good idea to take some help from others when he finds no time to blog himself. There are many people around us who can give a helping hand to maintain our blogs in the form of friends, families, co-workers, etc. It is the duty of the blogger to give some directions at the time he takes help from others.

3. Schedule your posts in advance

There are times where one can find no time at all to blog. There are many reasons for being busy to find no time for blogging. One of those reasons which occur frequently is leaving on your trips. Before going to tours, which are unavoidable, one has to write all those posts and schedules them the way they would like to post.

4.Take assist of other bloggers

There are many bloggers who are ready to help to post some of their articles in our blog; all we have to do is request them. It is the duty of the blogger to find those bloggers who are like minded. One can find bloggers who are like minded by reading articles of other bloggers and bookmark mark them if necessary. One can even find guest bloggers from the community or even from friends and families.

5.Blogging while traveling

With the rapid growth in technology one can find some time for blogging while they travel. There are many gadgets around us which can be used to blog even when we travel. Some of those gadgets are notebooks, iPad, smart phones, etc. one can even use internet cafes on the go, which can be found anywhere.

6. Be flexible with the blogging schedule

There are times where one finds that the entire schedule we prepared doesn’t go according to our ways. It is good to be cautious and flexible regarding to our schedule and be prepared if there are any upsets. It is a better option to have few articles ready in advance.
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