8 Tips to Improve the Battery Life On Your Nokia Mobile

Some friends of mine that are new to S60 have been experiencing battery problems with their Nokia mobiles. And after checking their devices I just realized that the problem was not the device, was the user!  Most of them have E71s, so battery life shouldn’t be an issue since this phone has a big 1500mAh battery. Basically the problem is that they don’t know how to use the phone correctly, and that is why I came with 8 tips to improve the battery life in Nokia devices.  This mini-tutorial is aimed at people new to S60, if you already have experience you probably already know everything!

1.  Make sure the GPS is off.
Don’t leave Google Maps, Nokia Maps, GPS Data or any other navigation application open. The GPS will be ON and you really don’t need it, this will improve the battery life.

2. Don’t leave many applications opened after you used the device and will put it back in your pocket.
Some people use the Red button to exit applications, and sometimes the Red button does not close the applications, it just sends it back. To exit applications press ”Options” and scroll up to ”Exit”. Another method is by long pressing the S60 button and just select the application (don’t click) and press the C button or Backspace button on the E71. This will close applications and will save battery life (note that ”Menu” and ”Standby” don’t close. I also advice to turn the phone completely OFF every once in a while.  (For example if you leave the Browser opened the Packet Data will also be turned ON, more details on tip #7)

3. Make sure WLAN Scanning is OFF
The shortcut on the standby screen for WI-FI is very useful, but just a click will turn the WLAN on and it won’t turn OFF until you do so. If you have your device in your pocket and the WLAN scanning is ON you are just spending battery life, turn it ON when you need it and turn it off by going > click > scroll down to Switch WLAN scan OFF.

4. Turn Bluetooth OFF
There is absolutely no reason to leave the Bluetooth ON everyday, although little, the Bluetooth does spend battery life. Check on the top right of your screen, if the Bluetooth logo is there you need to turn it OFF.  Go to Bluetooth and select OFF. (If you are using a headset its OK to leave ON the Bluetooth, but if you the battery just does not last you should turn it OFF and ON when using and not using)

5.  Set the E-Mail retrieval for longer periods of time
If you dont know what automatic retrieval is just go to the next tip.  Here there is little to explain, just set the timer a bit longer.

6.  Set the Screen Brightness to mid-level
The screen brightness comes by default to mid-level, but if you augmented it is better to have it in mid-level.

7. Packet Data must be OFF
Here is the most important tip.  This will happen in very few cases but it is very important. You have to set the Packet Data to ”When Needed”. Go to Settings> Connection>Packet Data> and switch to ”When Needed”.  If you already have it switched to ”When Needed” and the Packet Data icon below the signal meter at the top left is ON (Two crossed pointers) then you have some application opened that requires the connection, close it. If anyway the connection is ON you can end the packet data connection by long pressing the Red button on the Standby screen

8. Update your Firmware
Every once in a while Nokia releases new firmwares for the phones. The firmware improve most of the time the battery life, to update your software go here:  Update your Nokia Mobile

So there are the 8 tips I can think off to improve the battery life on your device. I based on my friends that are new to S60, when I had a look at their devices thay had everything open and they don’t really need it. If you have something else to add just leave a comment and we’ll modify the title to:  9  Tips to Improve the Battery Life On Your Nokia Mobile!!

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