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Hello friends!
here is the settings which i am using to browse internet freely… i see there are many threds providing you settings for the free gprs…but most of them not work at all, many of them are incorrect also.
I realise that this happens as most of users dont know how to put the setting correctly…
thats y i am explaining what to do n how to do in detail so that you too njoy the free gprs

but only for 40 series phones………dammn!! shit!! sorry 4 dat

i am sure it will be most useful 4 u
1. activate airtel live and get settings frm airtel
2. Creat an access point (settings> configuration settings> personal config. settings> add new> access point, for 3220 n similar phones)
4. Go to (created) access point settings
Account name : NameOfAccount
Data bearer : Packet Data
Packet Data Access Point :
Authentication Type : normal
User Name : <blank>
Password : <blank>
5. Yea, You have done alomost half, Now again go to Settings> Configuration Settings. Now do the following
Default Configuration Settings : AIRTEL- LIVE
Preferred access poing : NameOfAccount
* “NameOfAccount” is the Access Point created by u
** “AIRTEL – LIVE” is the settings of airtel live given by airtel
6. Now, go to Settings>Connectivity>Packet Data>Packet Data Settings>Edit Active access Point & set
Packet Data Access Point :
7. Go to Web>Settings>Configuration Settings and set
Configuration : AIRTEL -LIVE

Enjoy Guys! and don’t forget to post your comments. ©

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